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Fifth meeting of Steering Group on the Modification of Recycling and Refuse Collection Facilities in Public Places
     The Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, chaired the fifth meeting of the Steering Group on the Modification of Recycling and Refuse Collection Facilities in Public Places today (November 10) to discuss the consultancy study on new designs for recycling bins (RBs) and litter containers (LCs) in public places.

     The Steering Group had earlier commissioned a Stage 1 consultancy study and completed the review of the number and provision of LCs and RBs in public places. Based on the findings, the Steering Group has commissioned a Stage 2 consultancy study to review the existing designs of LCs and RBs in public places and to recommend on new designs. The consultants plan to conduct public engagement activities from late-November 2017 to mid-2018 to collect views from the general public and stakeholders on the new designs.

     Mr Wong said, "At today's meeting, members discussed the overall work plan, study approach and the public engagement plan of the Stage 2 consultancy study. The consultants will conduct public engagement exercise through different platforms to invite views from the general public and various stakeholders, including users, frontline cleaning workers, recyclers and relevant groups, in setting the design direction and identifying key issues that should be taken into account. The consultants will also produce prototypes of the proposed designs to further solicit views in order to report and submit recommendations to the Steering Group around mid-2018.

     "With reference to the successful experiences in other cities, the implementation of waste charging is usually complemented by adjustments to the number and design of RBs and LCs in public places. We would have to maintain environmental hygiene, while at the same time discourage the abusive use of LCs and promote recycling. We appreciate the need to allow sufficient time for the public to make the necessary behavioural changes in the process of building a new culture conducive to waste reduction. We will give full consideration to these factors when implementing relevant changes."

     To support the implementation of municipal solid waste charging, the Steering Group was set up in February 2016 to review the design and distribution of recycling and refuse collection facilities in public places and recommend necessary modifications to facilitate waste reduction and resource recovery in the community. Chaired by the Secretary for the Environment, the Steering Group comprises members from the design, architectural, planning, academia and business sectors, non-profit making groups, district personalities and relevant government departments.
Ends/Friday, November 10, 2017
Issued at HKT 17:00
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