SCS encourages university students to join AO Grade (with photos)

     The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Joshua Law, met with university students participating in the Administrative Service Internship Programme today (August 25). He encouraged them to join the Administrative Officer (AO) Grade.
     Mr Law said, "AOs play a key role in the Government. They are regularly rotated to different bureaux and departments, and will be assigned a wide diversity of duties ranging from policy formulation and resource allocation to implementation of major government programmes.
     "We hope to recruit some 40 AOs in the new round of the recruitment exercise which will commence this September."
     During today's meeting, Mr Law listened to the interns describe their learning journey and shared with them the story of how he decided to become an AO.
     He said, "When I was pursuing my undergraduate studies abroad, I started to think about how to make good use of my life to do meaningful things that I love. I had thought of serving in third world countries or starting a career in music.
     "Then I met some young AOs. I was attracted by their intelligence and aspirations. The rotation arrangement of an AO taking up different positions every few years also fascinated me. Therefore I chose to return and serve the Hong Kong community."
     The Civil Service Bureau has conducted the Administrative Service Internship Programme for years, giving students who wish to pursue the AO career an early opportunity to get some hands-on experience of working in the Government, thereby facilitating their future planning.
     This year, a total of 51 university students have been posted to 15 government bureaux and departments, taking up duties similar in nature to those of AOs.
     Mr Andy Lam, who is an undergraduate student in a local university, took up his internship in the Financial Secretary's Private Office, assisting in policy research and drafting of speeches and blog posts. He said it has been a valuable experience to accompany the Financial Secretary to attend various consultation sessions for the Policy Address, which has made him appreciate the need for the Government to listen carefully to the views of various stakeholders in formulating policies.
     Interested in the work of an AO, Mr Lam said he considered that the most direct way of making a better society is to become an AO and participate in policy formulation.
     Miss Joanne Tsang, who is studying abroad and came back to Hong Kong this summer to join the internship programme, was posted to the Transport and Housing Bureau where she has been involved in the promotion of maritime services and had the chance to receive overseas delegations.
     Miss Tsang said she considered the AO job challenging and with a sense of mission. She would like to join the AO Grade to enable her to contribute to the city.

Ends/Friday, August 25, 2017
Issued at HKT 15:30