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August 2017 issue of "Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics" now available
     The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) published today (August 15) the August 2017 issue of the "Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics" (HKMDS).

     Apart from providing up-to-date statistics, this issue also contains two feature articles entitled "Statistics on Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, 2016" and "The Characteristics of Women and Men, 2016".

"Statistics on Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, 2016"

     In Hong Kong, Chinese medicine is used to cure various kinds of diseases. The Chinese medicine sector comprises: (a) manufacture of Chinese medicines; (b) distribution of Chinese medicines, including import/export, wholesale and retail trades; and (c) practising Chinese medicine, including Chinese medicine practitioners of general practice, acupuncture and bone-setting.

     This feature article discusses the updated situation of some Chinese medicine industries including the manufacture of Chinese medicines and the distribution of Chinese medicines, as well as the external trade of Chinese herbal medicines.

     For enquiries about this feature article, please contact the Distribution Services Statistics Section, C&SD (Tel: 3903 7398; email: asw@censtatd.gov.hk).

"The Characteristics of Women and Men, 2016"

     There were some changes in the characteristics of women and men in Hong Kong along with the social and economic development of Hong Kong during the past decade. This feature article gives an overview of and analyses selected characteristics of women and men of different age groups in Hong Kong. Readers who are interested in further details of the female and male population may refer to the report "Women and Men in Hong Kong - Key Statistics (2017 Edition)".

     For enquiries about this feature article, please contact the Social Statistics Branch, C&SD (Tel: 2887 0416; email: thematic@censtatd.gov.hk).

     Published in bilingual form, the HKMDS is a compact volume of official statistics containing about 140 tables. It collects up-to-date statistical series on various aspects of the social and economic situation of Hong Kong. Topics include population; labour; external trade; National Income and Balance of Payments; prices; business performance; energy; housing and property; Government accounts, finance and insurance; and transport, communications and tourism.  For selected key statistical items, over 20 charts depicting the annual trend in the past decade and quarterly or monthly trend in the recent two years are also available. Users can download the Digest free of charge at the website of the C&SD (www.censtatd.gov.hk/hkstat/sub/sp140.jsp?productCode=B1010002).

     Enquiries about the contents of the Digest can be directed to the Statistical Information Services Section of the C&SD (Tel: 2582 4738; email: gen-enquiry@censtatd.gov.hk).
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