Transcript of remarks by S for S (with photo)

     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Secretary for Security, Mr John Lee, at a media session before the home visits under the "Celebrations for All" project in Sha Tin today (July 26):

Reporter: Do you agree with (Secretary for Justice) Rimsky Yuen's comment about the Basic Law ... West Kowloon co-location agreement?

Secretary for Security: I think the Secretary for Justice has explained in detail that for the purpose of application of law and for the purpose of jurisdiction, the Mainland port area will be regarded as outside Hong Kong. On this legal basis, we have an agreement that the Mainland authorities will exercise Mainland laws in the Mainland port area. This has been examined by legal experts on both sides and through the three steps that the Secretary for Justice has explained, which is that we will have a working agreement with the Mainland authorities and we will then seek the Standing Committee's authorisation and permission to go ahead with the arrangement. Then we will do the first step of local legislation. This is consistent with the Basic Law.

Reporter: Will Mainland officers be able to assist Hong Kong Police if something on the Hong Kong side happens?

Secretary for Security: We will have to work out a lot of details with the Mainland side because now we have just announced the agreement. We will have a lot of things to follow up as to the implementation. There will be a lot of working meetings to look at different areas, so that we can have an actual implementation plan. Likewise, we will be setting up liaison teams to look at contingency, emergency response, and other surprise and unexpected incidents. Through this arrangement, we will be working out how we can work together so that the whole system will be implemented smoothly - the details, such as when somebody makes a telephone call to the Hong Kong Police, say dials 999. Of course this is the usual number that Hong Kong people will use to seek help. The working arrangement we are going to talk to the Mainland side will cover all matters of concern that have been raised. It is exactly the intention of these working teams to iron out all the nitty-gritty. So when we actually have the co-location arrangement implemented, we can tell people more about it so that everybody will be in a clear position as to what they can do and how they can seek help at the time when the port is in operation.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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