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Police's Anti-Deception Coordination Centre starts its operation today (with photos)
     Police's Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (the Centre) of Commercial Crime Bureau has started its operation today (July 20) with an aim of consolidating all the relevant efforts of the Force in fighting and prevention of deception.
Officiating at the opening ceremony of the Centre held at the Police Headquarters, the Director of Crime and Security, Mr Au Chi-kwong, said the opening of the Centre showed the determination of the Police to safeguard the property of the general public, and symbolised a new phase of the joint effort of the Force and various stakeholders to fight scams.

     “With the rapid economic development and wide utilisation of technology in society, a significant upsurge in deception cases was recorded in the past decade.

     “The Centre is established to step up our combat actions against deception, raise public awareness of various kinds of scams, as well as strengthen the coordination of various units within the Force and other stakeholders in fighting and preventing of deception,” Mr Au said.

     The newly-established Anti-Deception Coordination Centre is tasked:
  • to formulate and implement the strategic directions to combat deception;
  • to provide instant telephone anti-deception consultation service “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for the general public to render timely assistance to those in need;
  • to enhance the coordination amongst the Force, other government departments, and local and overseas law enforcement authorities to combat and prevent deception;
  • to coordinate the anti-deception publicity and education campaigns by various units of the Force and provide immediate support for the Force’s frontline units; and
  • to monitor and analyse the trend of deception cases, provide risk evaluation, and take timely actions.

     The Centre has been working closely with the telecommunication industry in Hong Kong. Through the coordination by the Communications Association of Hong Kong with various local mobile network operators (including China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited, SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited and Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited), an one-off SMS introducing the telephone anti-deception consultation service “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” will be sent to the network users starting today to bring to their attention the new service.

     Representatives from Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Office of the Communications Authority, Communications Association of Hong Kong, local bank industries and international law enforcement agencies based in Hong Kong also attended the opening ceremony.
Ends/Thursday, July 20, 2017
Issued at HKT 20:12
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The Director of Crime and Security, Mr Au Chi-kwong (centre), Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Mr Chung Siu-Yeung (left) and Chief Superintendent, Commercial Crime Bureau, Mr Wong Ying-wai (right) officiated at the opening ceremony of the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre held at the Police Headquarters today (July 20).
Chief Superintendent, Commercial Crime Bureau, Mr Wong Ying-wai (second right), Superintendent, Commercial Crime Bureau, Mr Chan Tin-chu (second left), and Superintendent, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, Mr Lam Cheuk-ho (left), and Superintendent, Crime Kowloon East Regional Headquarters, Mr Chim Tak-ming (right) hosted a press conference to introduce the newly-established Anti-Deception Coordination Centre today(July 20).