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Government steps up measures to enhance provision of babycare facilities and lactation rooms in the community
     The Executive Council decided today (June 27) that a mandatory requirement for the provision of babycare facilities and lactation rooms be imposed in the sale conditions of government land sale sites for new commercial developments comprising office premises and/or retail outlets, eating places, etc.

     "There are concerns about insufficient provision of babycare facilities in public premises and lactation rooms at workplaces. To demonstrate the Government's commitment to create a breastfeeding-friendly environment, we need to step up measures to encourage provision of babycare facilities and lactation rooms as part of a comprehensive strategy in promoting and supporting breastfeeding," a Government spokesman said today.

     The Government spokesman added that relevant bureaux and departments will work out the detailed requirements, including the size and number of babycare facilities and/or lactation rooms in new commercial developments on government land sale sites in due course. Moreover, the Government will also take corresponding measures to mandate the provision of babycare facilities and lactation rooms in certain new government premises.

     To meet public demand for more supportive measures for breastfeeding, ongoing and concerted efforts by the Government and various sectors of the community to promote breastfeeding are necessary. In addition to the above enhanced measures, a series of multi-faceted measures have been implemented in phases to strengthen professional support for breastfeeding in healthcare facilities; to strengthen public's acceptance and support of breastfeeding; to support working mothers to sustain breastfeeding by encouraging the community to adopt breastfeeding friendly workplace policy; to promote and support breastfeeding in public places through promotion of breastfeeding friendly premises and provision of babycare facilities; and to strengthen monitoring on local breastfeeding.
Ends/Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Issued at HKT 19:23
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