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Draft Tai Ho Outline Zoning Plan gazetted
     The Town Planning Board today (March 24) announced the publication of the draft Tai Ho Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).
     The planning scheme area covers a total area of about 230 hectares including about 32 hectares of water body (Tai Ho Wan). The area mainly consists of Tai Ho valley, which comprises Tai Ho Wan, village settlements, agricultural land, the natural vegetated areas including woodland, shrubland, streams and several pieces of isolated vegetated upland areas on the eastern and southern sides, i.e. Tin Liu, Hung Fa Ngan, A Po Long and Wong Kung Tin.
     A spokesman for the Board said that the general planning intention for the area is to conserve its outstanding natural landscape with unique scientific and ecological values in safeguarding the natural habitat and natural system of the wider area and to preserve historical artifacts, local culture and traditions of the villages. Due consideration should be given to the conservation of the ecologically and environmentally sensitive areas, such as Tai Ho Stream Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), when development in or near the area is proposed. Small House development in recognised villages will be consolidated at suitable locations to preserve the rural character of the area.
     About 6.54 hectares of the land is zoned "Village Type Development" to designate both existing recognised villages and areas of land considered suitable for village expansion. 
     About 0.31 hectares of the land is zoned "Government, Institution or Community", which is intended primarily for the provision of Government, institution or community facilities serving the needs of the local residents and/or a wider district, region or the territory. This zone covers the two public toilets located at Pak Mong and Ngau Kwu Long, Luk Hop Yuen Temple on the eastern side of Tai Ho Wan and the abandoned school site in Pak Mong.
     To define the limits of development areas by natural features and to preserve the existing natural landscape as well as to provide passive recreational outlets, about 166.70 hectares of land is zoned "Green Belt". This zone mainly covers agricultural land, hillslopes, natural vegetation and small streams in Tai Ho valley, Hung Fa Ngan, A Po Long and Wong Kung Tin.  
     About 4.20 hectares of land is zoned "Coastal Protection Area", which is intended to conserve, protect and retain the natural coastlines and the sensitive coastal natural environment including attractive geological features, physical landform or area of high landscape, scenic or ecological value, with a minimum of built development. It may also cover areas which serve as natural protection areas sheltering nearby developments against the effects of coastal erosion. This zone covers the coastal areas along Tai Ho Wan which primarily consist of coastal vegetation, tidal mudflats, rocky boulder coasts and part of the mangrove on the western side of Tai Ho Stream’s estuary
     To protect and retain the existing natural landscape, ecological or topographical features of the area for conservation, educational and research purposes and to separate sensitive natural environment such as SSSI or Country Park from the adverse effects of development, about 15.41 hectares of land is zoned "Conservation Area". This zone covers buffers on both sides of Tai Ho Stream SSSI and a patch of mature woodland at the south of Pak Mong village.
     About 4.64 hectares of land is zoned "SSSI", which is intended to conserve and protect the features of special scientific interest such as rare or particular species of fauna and flora and their habitats which are designated as SSSI as well as to deter human activities or developments within the SSSI. This zone covers the designated Tai Ho Stream SSSI, which has an area of about five hectares and covers a natural stream with several tributaries running from upland to the lowland estuary.
     The draft Tai Ho OZP No. S/I-TH/1 is now available for public inspection during office hours at the Secretariat of the Board; the Planning Enquiry Counters of the Planning Department in North Point and Sha Tin; the Sai Kung and Islands District Planning Office; the Islands District Office and its sub-offices in Mui Wo and Tung Chung; and the Mui Wo Rural Committee.
     Any person may make written representations in respect of the draft OZP to the Secretary of the Board on or before May 24.
     Copies of the draft OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the OZP can be viewed at the Board's website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb).
Ends/Friday, March 24, 2017
Issued at HKT 16:00
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