Free admission to performances "Guangdong Music Under the Tree"

     Two performances entitled "Guangdong Music Under the Tree" will be staged with free admission at the Six Arts Terrace of Kowloon Walled City Park at 2.30pm on March 18 and 19. The programmes aim to rekindle memories of past times when audiences would enjoy traditional music in verdant outdoor settings.

     The first performance (March 18) will feature the music and songs of Chaozhou led by Lau Fok-kwong. The programme will include "Celebrating the Chinese New Year", "Fish Hawks Dabbling in the Water", "Lions Playing with a Ball", "Meeting at the Plum Pavilion", "The Nymph of Luo River", "Butterflies Among Flowers", "Yearning for Spring", "Reunion of a Married Couple", "Peach Blossom Crossing River", "Spattering Tears", "Begonia" and "Liuqingniang".

     The second performance (March 19) will feature Guangdong music performed by three generations of fine musicians and led by To Wing. The programme will include "Rain Lashing on the Plantain", "Pacing Horses in the Countryside in Spring", "Autumn Moon over a Placid Lake", "Meditations in the Boudoir", "Stepping High", "Butterflies Among the Flowers", "Birds Returning to the Woods", "A Hungry Horse Shaking Its Bells", "United We Go", "Lovers' Sorrow", "I Have a Love Episode", "The Toll of the Temple Bell" (nanyin), "Galloping on Horse", "Thunder in a Drought" and "In Celebration of Good Times".

     "Guangdong Music Under the Tree" is one of the attractions of the Guangdong Music Series presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. For programme enquiries, please call 2268 7321 or visit

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