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Labour Department highly concerned about fatal industrial accident that happened today
     The Labour Department (LD) is highly concerned about the industrial accident at a construction site at Lok Wo Sha, Ma On Shan that happened this morning (March 8), which involved three workers falling from bamboo scaffold at height. One of them sustained fatal injury. The LD is saddened by the death and injury of workers in the accident and expresses its deepest sympathy to the victims' families.

     A spokesman for the LD said, "We commenced immediate investigation as soon as we were notified of the accident and had issued suspension notices to suspend the associated work process. The contractor cannot resume the work process until the LD is satisfied that measures to abate the relevant risks have been taken."

     The spokesman added, "We will complete investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, ascertain the liability of the duty holders and recommend improvement measures. We will take actions pursuant to the law if there is any violation of the work safety legislation. Under the general duties provisions of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, it shall be the duty of every proprietor to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of persons employed by him. Contravention of the above provisions is liable to a fine of $500,000."

     The LD will issue Work Safety Alerts through its website and emails, giving brief account of the accident concerned to contractors, workers' unions, professional bodies of safety practitioners and others, and reminding the industry of the importance of following safety precautionary measures to prevent recurrence of similar accidents.

     The LD has followed up the case with the employer concerned and reminded him of the liability for employees' compensation under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance in regard to the employees who were injured or died in the work accident. The LD will assist the injured workers and family members of the deceased to claim employees' compensation and closely follow up the case. At the same time, the LD has contacted the family members of the deceased to understand their situation and immediate needs, explained the major statutory provisions on employees' compensation in fatal work accident and introduced to them the services and funds of the Social Welfare Department (SWD). The LD will assist them to apply for appropriate emergency funds as soon as possible. Subject to the needs and wishes of the injured workers and family members of the deceased, the LD will also refer them to SWD for assistance.
Ends/Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Issued at HKT 22:05
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