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Transcript of remarks by FS at media session (with photo/video)
     Following is a transcript of remarks by the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, after attending a radio programme this morning (February 25):
Reporter: Mr Chan, regarding the renovation work, can you tell us how much it is involved here? And also, because before John Tsang has actually lived there for 10 years, so why is there a need here to renovate?
Financial Secretary: It is renovation and repairs works. As the Financial Secretary, I have to receive guests, including overseas guests and local guests, even some of them are local consulate members. So I have a representation role here, representing Hong Kong. So we think it is appropriate and more convenient if we move in. In this process, I have also discussed with the Chief Secretary. In terms of the works for this particular residence, it is very basic repairs and reinstatement works. So, the details of the figures, I do not have it with me. But please be rest assured that we are more than happy to disclose the figures because this is public money. The public is entitled to know. And in the process, we are very conscious about the wise use of public money. The works involved is not just for these few months. Whoever moves in subsequently, as I mentioned, those repairs works would not need to be done.
(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)
Ends/Saturday, February 25, 2017
Issued at HKT 12:27
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The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan (left), attends Commercial Radio's programme "Saturday Forum" this morning (February 25) to answer questions on the 2017-18 Budget.

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FS meets the media