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Appointments to Economic Development Commission and Working Groups
      The Government announced today (January 16) that the Chief Executive (CE) has re-appointed members and appointed new members to the Economic Development Commission (EDC) and its four Working Groups, namely the Working Group on Transportation (TWG); the Working Group on Convention and Exhibition Industries and Tourism (CETWG); the Working Group on Manufacturing Industries, Innovative Technology, and Cultural and Creative Industries (MICWG); and the Working Group on Professional Services (PSWG). The appointments are for a period of two years with effect from January 17, 2017. The respective membership is as follows:
Chief Executive
Non-official Members (23)
Dr Ba Shusong
Professor Leonard Cheng Kwok-hon
Dr Daniel Cheng Man-chung (Member of MICWG)
Dr Raymond Ch'ien Kuo-fung
Dr Jonathan Choi Koon-shum
Mr Chow Chung-kong (Convenor of TWG)
Dr Victor Fung Kwok-king
Mr Lau Ping-cheung (Convenor of PSWG)
Dr Eddy Li Sau-hung
Mr Eric Li*
Mr Andrew Liao Cheung-sing (Member of MICWG)
Dr Darby Liu Ta-pei*
Dr Christina Liu
Mr Victor Lo Chung-wing (Convenor of MICWG)
Dr Lui Ming-wah
Dr Derrick Pang Yat-bond
Mr Jack So Chak-kwong (Convenor of CETWG, and Member of TWG)
Mr Alan Tung Lieh-sing (Member TWG)
Mr Peter Wong Tung-shun
Dr David Wong Yau-kar
Mr George Yeo Yong-boon
Mr Yue Yi*
Dr Allan Zeman (Member of CETWG)
Ex-officio Members
Financial Secretary
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary for Development
Secretary for Innovation and Technology
Secretary for Transport and Housing

Mr Chow Chung-kong
Non-official Members (12)
Mr David Cheng Fu-kwok
Ms Agnes Choi Heung-kwan
Mr Victor Chu Lap-lik
Mr Peter Cremers
Mr Adam Kwok Kai-fai
Dr Law Cheung-kwok
Dr Kelvin Leung Kai-yuen
Mr John Robert Slosar
Mr Jack So Chak-kwong
Mr Alan Tung Lieh-sing
Mr Philip Yang Liang-yee
Mr Dewey Yee
Ex-officio Member
Secretary for Transport and Housing
Mr Jack So Chak-kwong
Non-official Members (15)
Mr Stuart Bailey*
Mr Victor Chan Kok-wai
Mr Stanley Chu Yu-lun
Mr Michael Roland Anton Duck
Ms Margaret Fong Shun-man
Ms Maureen Fung Sau-yim
Mr Allen Ha Wing-on
Mrs Monica Lee-Müller
Ms Lanny Leung Kong-lan
Mr Lo Yuk-sui
Mr Wang Fugang*
Mr Michael Wu Siu-ieng
Mr Freddy Yip Hing-ning
Mr Yu Pang-chun
Dr Allan Zeman
Ex-officio Member
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Mr Victor Lo Chung-wing
Non-official Members (16)
Professor John Chai Yat-chiu*
Professor Philip Chan Ching-ho
Ms Karen Chan Ka-yin
Ms Bonnie Chan Tak-chi*
Dr Clement Chen Cheng-jen
Dr Daniel Cheng Man-chung
Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping
Mr Crucindo Hung Cho-sing
Mr Ko Chi-sum
Ms Edith Law Ho-yan*
Mr Maurice Lee Wai-man
Dr Humphrey Leung Kwong-wai
Mr Andrew Liao Cheung-sing
Mr William Lim Ooi-lee
Mr Irons Sze Wing-wai
Mr Eric Yim Chi-ming
Ex-officio Member
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary for Innovation and Technology
Mr Lau Ping-cheung
Non-official Members (9)
Mr Victor Cheung Chi-kong*
Mr Duncan Chiu
Mr Nicholas Ho Lik-chi
Mr Stephen Lai Yuk-fai
Mr Nelson Lam Chi-yuen
Dr Anthony Lee Kai-yiu*
Dr Sigmund Leung Sai-man
Ms Elaine Lo Yuen-man
Dr Maurice Ngai Wai-fung
Ex-officio Member
Secretary for Development
* new appointments
     A Government spokesman said, "We are confident that the new members would inject new insights for promoting the economic development of Hong Kong. We would also like to express our gratitude to outgoing members for their invaluable support and contribution to the Commission and the four Working Groups. They are EDC member, Dr Fu Yuning; CETWG members, Mr Michael Chiay, Mr Javed Iqbal Khan and Mr Po Lap-wai; MICWG members, Mr Charles Nicholas Brooke and Mr Freeman Lau Siu-hong; and PSWG members, Dr Andrew Chan Ka-ching and Mr Dominic Lam Kwong-ki."
     The EDC was established by the CE on January 17, 2013. Its terms of reference are to provide visionary direction and advice to the Government on the overall strategy and policy to broaden Hong Kong's economic base and to enhance Hong Kong's economic growth and development; and, in particular, to explore and identify growth sectors or clusters of sectors which present opportunities for Hong Kong's further economic growth, and recommend possible policy and other support for these industries. Chaired by the CE, the EDC is underpinned by four working groups to study in an in-depth manner four industry clusters, namely, transportation; convention and exhibition industries and tourism; manufacturing industries, innovative technology, and cultural and creative industries; and professional services.
Ends/Monday, January 16, 2017
Issued at HKT 15:00
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