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Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections results (Insurance)
     The election results for the Insurance Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                                                      No. of votes obtained
-----------                                                      ------------------------
Ku Shun Kit (Sidney Ku)                                          45 (Elected)

Chan Chi Ko                                                            18

Yuen Shui Fan                                                         63 (Elected)

Chau Ping Fai Terency                                              14

Chan Yim Kwong                                                      61 (Elected)

Chu Wing Yiu                                                           53 (Elected)

Wan Chi Tak                                                            49 (Elected)

Ng Wing Fat Ronnie                                                  45 (Elected)

Tsang Hon Keung (Howard Tsang)                             38

Choy Chung Foo                                                       52 (Elected)

Wong Kok Ho                                                           49 (Elected)

Tam Pak Hung William                                              26

Lee Oi Lin                                                                18

Poon Wing Fai Jimmy                                               74 (Elected)

Leung Woon Wing (George Leung)                            38

Chun Yuk Chi Jackie                                                 32

Hui Kam Kwai (Eric)                                                 58 (Elected)

Chan Pui Leung                                                        70 (Elected)

Lo Wai Keung                                                          18

Lee Mo Kit Maggie                                                    27

Wong Kwai Chuen Andrew                                        70 (Elected)

Lo Kin Wing Terry                                                    54 (Elected)

Cheng Kwok Ping                                                     64 (Elected)

Lau Wai Man                                                           18

Tse Shu Pui Antonio                                                 22

Koon Woo Kam Oi Agnes (Agnes Koon)                      66 (Elected)

Chu Tai Wo John                                                      40 (Elected)

Lau Siu Mun Sammy                                                56 (Elected)

Tang Chee Ping Wilson                                             47 (Elected)
Ends/Monday, December 12, 2016
Issued at HKT 11:27
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