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Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections results (Wholesale and Retail)
     The election results for the Wholesale and Retail Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                                                      No. of votes obtained
-----------                                                      ------------------------
Wong Kong Hui Kenlay                                          1,172 (Elected)

Chao Chen Kuo                                                     1,100 (Elected)

Leung Yat Cheong                                                 1,289 (Elected)

Au Nok Hin (Coach)                                                 561

Kwan Pak Hoo Bankee                                           1,129 (Elected)

Li Ying Sang Tommy                                              1,305 (Elected)

Sun Tai Lun                                                          1,365 (Elected)

Cheng Wai Hung                                                   1,209 (Elected)

Ma Yung Yi                                                           1,126 (Elected)

Wong Lai Sheung Esther                                        1,224 (Elected)

Chan Ting Kwok Terrence                                        708

Li Tze Leung                                                         1,304 (Elected)

Ma King Huen                                                       1,174 (Elected)

Li Sheng Chi                                                         1,154 (Elected)

Chow Liang Shuk Yee Selina                                  1,617 (Elected)

Kwok Siu Ming (Simon)                                         1,457 (Elected)

Cheung Chi Cheung                                               1,027 (Elected)

Cheng Ho Ming (Cheng Ming Ming)                         1,253 (Elected)

Liu Sair Ching                                                         433

Fang Kang Vincent                                                1,447 (Elected)

Lau Luen Hung Thomas                                         1,334 (Elected)
Ends/Monday, December 12, 2016
Issued at HKT 11:22
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