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Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections results (Tourism)
     The election results for the Tourism Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                                                      No. of votes obtained
-----------                                                      ------------------------
Lo Wing Sze                                                           290 (Elected)

Leung Yiu Lam                                                        319 (Elected)

Foo Kin Ming Charlie                                               175

Ng Hi On                                                                377 (Elected)

Lam Woo Chung (Herman Lam)                               248

Lee Chun Ting                                                        291 (Elected)

Leung Chi Kwan Andrew                                          419 (Elected)

Ng Shiu Ling (Signoree)                                          150

Leung Kwok Hing Fred                                             133

Wong See Sum                                                       267 (Elected)

Cheng Ka Kui Arnold                                               268 (Elected)

Hui Shu Hon                                                           205

Tong Wai Pong James                                              271 (Elected)

Yip Hing Ning Freddy                                               294 (Elected)

Chui Ting Pong                                                        157

Leung Tin Lung David                                              144

Wong Mei Kiu Gianna                                              364 (Elected)
(Hsu Wong Mei Lun)

Tong Lun Wa (Warren)                                            308 (Elected)

Ho Pak Ting Ronnie                                                 333 (Elected)

Ma Yuk Man                                                            313 (Elected)

Ng Kwong Wai                                                         254 (Elected)

Shum Jiu Sang Jason                                               305 (Elected)

Tam Kwong Shun Tommy                                         312 (Elected)

Wong Chun Tat                                                        352 (Elected)

Chan Lup Chi                                                           327 (Elected)
Ends/Monday, December 12, 2016
Issued at HKT 10:47
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