Special traffic arrangements on Hong Kong Island

     Police will implement special traffic arrangements to facilitate a soccer match to be held at the Hong Kong Stadium this Saturday (October 22).

Phase I

     The following traffic arrangements will be implemented from 4pm:

Road closure

- Caroline Hill Road between Cotton Path and Leighton Road or Pennington Street; and
- Westbound Hysan Avenue between Hoi Ping Road and Sunning Road.

Traffic diversions

- Caroline Hill Road between Leighton Road and Stadium Path will be re-routed one way southbound;
- Eastern Hospital Road between Stadium Path and Tung Lo Wan Road will be re-routed one way northbound;
- Caroline Hill Road between Leighton Road and Link Road will have two lanes for traffic entering Caroline Hill Road from Hoi Ping Road;
- Traffic from Link Road downhill to northbound Caroline Hill Road must turn left to westbound Leighton Road;
- Hysan Avenue between Leighton Road and Hoi Ping Road will be re-routed one way eastbound;
- Eastbound Hysan Avenue will have two lanes for traffic turning right to Hoi Ping Road;
- Traffic on westbound Hysan Avenue between Yun Ping Road and Sunning Road must turn left to Sunning Road;
- Vehicles leaving the Lee Gardens must turn left to Hysan Avenue;
- If necessary, Lee Garden Road between Foo Ming Street and Lan Fong Road may be re-routed one-way northbound. Traffic along Lan Fong Road must turn right to this section of re-routed Lee Garden Road, and being directed to Percival Street via Foo Ming Street; and
- If situation warrants, vehicles may be permitted to turn right from the offside lane of eastbound Leighton Road to Caroline Hill Road.

Passenger alighting arrangements

     Passengers are not allowed to get off outside the main entrance of the Stadium and should get off at the following drop off zones:
- The drop off zone for taxis will be at the southern kerbside of Eastern Hospital Road near the eastern side of the Stadium main entrance; and
- The drop off zone for private cars will be at the northern kerbside of Eastern Hospital Road near the eastern side of the Stadium main entrance.

Phase II

     The following traffic arrangements may be implemented from 7pm until the crowd is dispersed:

Road closure

- Caroline Hill Road;
- Eastern Hospital Road between Caroline Hill Road and Cotton Path;
- If necessary, Leighton Road;
- If necessary, downhill section of northbound Link Road, except for vehicles heading for No. 1, 3, 5 and 7 on Link Road; and
- If necessary, Hoi Ping Road.

Traffic diversions

- Vehicles cannot enter Caroline Hill Road for Link Road at Leighton Road or Caroline Hill Road; and
- If Leighton Road is closed, traffic from westbound Causeway Road will be directed to Irving Street; traffic from eastbound Morrison Hill Road will be diverted through Canal Road West; traffic from southbound Percival Street must turn right to westbound Leighton Road; and traffic from southbound Canal Road East cannot turn left to Leighton Road.

Learner drivers prohibition

     The following roads will be prohibited to all learner drivers between 3pm and 8.30pm:

- Westbound Leighton Road;
- Sharp Street East;
- Percival Street south of Hennessy Road;
- Caroline Hill Road;
- Link Road;
- Stadium Path;
- Cotton Path;
- Eastern Hospital Road; and
- Eastern Hospital Road service road.

     In addition, learner drivers cannot enter Tung Lo Wan Road from Causeway Road.

Suspension of parking spaces

     All on-street parking spaces on the following roads will be suspended from 3pm to 8.30pm:

- Stadium Path;
- Northbound Caroline Hill Road between Stadium Path and Cotton Path; and
- Hoi Ping Road.

     Any vehicles found illegally parked within the precinct of the special traffic arrangements will be towed away without prior notice.

     Actual implementation of the traffic arrangements will be made depending on traffic and crowd conditions in the area. Motorists are advised to exercise tolerance and patience and take heed of instructions of the Police on site.

Ends/Thursday, October 20, 2016
Issued at HKT 16:05