CS meets Chairman and Deputy Chairman of LegCo House Committee (with photo)

     The Chief Secretary for Administration (CS), Mrs Carrie Lam, met with the Chairman, Ms Starry Lee, and the Deputy Chairman, Mr Dennis Kwok, of the House Committee of the Sixth Legislative Council (LegCo) for the first time this afternoon (October 17). As an established practice, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the LegCo House Committee regularly meet with CS after the LegCo House Committee meeting to exchange views on the arrangements for agenda items proposed by the Government and issues of concern raised by LegCo Members.

     At the meeting today, CS informed the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the LegCo House Committee that for the three Government bills the processing of which could not be completed in mid-July this year before the prorogation of the LegCo due to filibustering by some Members, i.e. the Private Columbaria Bill, the Fire Services (Amendment) Bill and the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill, the Government would introduce them into the LegCo as soon as possible upon completion of the related preparatory work. These three bills, together with another 16 bills, have already been included in the Government's Legislative Programme for the 2016-2017 legislative session. The bureaux concerned will also consult the relevant panels as early as possible.

     On the other hand, at the end of the Fifth LegCo, there were nine agenda items (see Annex) which were included in the agendas but their scrutiny had yet to be completed by the Finance Committee (FC) and the Public Works Subcommittee and Establishment Subcommittee under its purview. During the meeting today, CS expressed that the Government would defer to the views of the LegCo Members on whether some of these items could be submitted directly to the FC or the respective subcommittees for deliberation without going through panel consultation afresh, so that the Government can proceed with its work as soon as possible.

Ends/Monday, October 17, 2016
Issued at HKT 19:21