Standard Working Hours Committee holds 23rd meeting

The following is issued on behalf of the Standard Working Hours Committee:
     The Standard Working Hours Committee (SWHC) held its 23rd meeting today (September 28).
     The Chairperson of the SWHC, Dr Leong Che-hung, said after the meeting, "The SWHC conducted the Consultation on Working Hours Policy Directions (Second-stage Consultation) from April 25 to July 24 this year to consult the public on the following four working hours policy directions:
(i) only implementing the 'big frame' (a legislative approach to mandatorily require employers and employees to enter into written employment contracts, which shall include the specified working hours terms, such as overtime compensation arrangement); 

(ii) only implementing the 'small frame' (whether there is a need for other suitable measures (e.g. setting a working hours standard and an overtime pay rate) to further protect grass-roots employees with lower income, lower skills and less bargaining power); 

(iii) on the premise of implementing the 'big frame', implementing the 'small frame' as well; and

(iv) not implementing the 'big frame' or the 'small frame' but recommending implementation of other policies/measures pertaining to working hours (e.g. formulating voluntary guidelines according to the needs of individual sectors).

     During the consultation period, the SWHC organised and took part in 19 consultation activities and received 398 written submissions, including 44 proforma submissions in various forms expressing mostly the same views and suggestions."
     Dr Leong said, "At the meeting held today, the SWHC was briefed by the commissioned independent consultant on the major findings of the analysis of views under the Second-stage Consultation. The SWHC will continue the relevant discussion in the next meeting."
     Dr Leong was disappointed that the six Labour Advisory Board (LAB) employee members did not attend the meeting today, and appealed once again to all members to actively participate in the drafting of the SWHC report to the Government.
     Dr Leong welcomed the appointment of Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun-wah to the SWHC as an ex-officio member by virtue of his LAB membership.
     Chaired by Dr Leong, the SWHC comprises members drawn from the labour and business sectors, academia, the community and the Government. For details, please refer to the SWHC website (

Ends/Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Issued at HKT 16:02