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Functional constituency electors' eligibility to vote
     A spokesperson for the Registration and Electoral Office (REO) said today (August 18) that the Legislative Council Ordinance (LCO) (Cap. 542) specifies the requirements for registration as electors for functional constituencies (FCs). In accordance with section 53(1)(b) of the LCO, a registered FC elector in the final register is disqualified from voting at an election of the FC if he or she has ceased to be eligible to be registered as an elector in that constituency.

     "In line with the arrangement in previous Legislative Council Election years, after the publication of the final register of electors, if the REO receives updated information from specified bodies that there are changes to the electors' registration qualification rendering them no longer eligible to vote in an FC, the REO will issue letters to the electors concerned and remind them that they may not be eligible to register in the relevant FC. If they are disqualified from voting at the election of the FC and still vote on the polling day, they may contravene the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (Chapter 554)," the spokesman said.

     If the electors consider that they are still eligible for registration in the relevant FC, they could provide the REO with documentary proof and information so that the REO can update the records.  If such documentary proof and information show that the electors are still eligible to be registered in the FC, the electors can vote in the 2016 Legislative Council General Election to be held on September 4.
Ends/Thursday, August 18, 2016
Issued at HKT 19:59
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