July 2016 issue of Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics now available

     The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) published today (July 15) the July 2016 issue of the Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics (HKMDS).

     Apart from providing up-to-date statistics, this issue also contains three feature articles entitled "Foreign Affiliates Statistics of Hong Kong", "The 2014/15-based Consumer Price Indices" and "The Profile of Hong Kong Population Analysed by District Council District, 2015".

"Foreign Affiliates Statistics of Hong Kong"

     With increasing globalisation of the world economy, it becomes popular for multinational enterprises to provide services to customers in another economy through setting up affiliated companies abroad.

     In view of the growing importance of services supplied via this mode, the C&SD has developed a statistical framework for compiling relevant statistics, known as "foreign affiliates statistics (FATS)". This feature article briefly describes the statistical system for compiling inward FATS, and presents selected inward FATS figures of Hong Kong for 2014.

     For enquiries about this feature article, please contact the Trade in Services Statistics Section, C&SD (Tel: 3903 7410; email: tis@censtatd.gov.hk).

"The 2014/15-based Consumer Price Indices"

     The Consumer Price Indices (CPIs), which reflect the impact of consumer price changes on households, are compiled by combining information on price changes and expenditure patterns. The expenditure patterns are derived from the results of the Household Expenditure Survey (HES) conducted at five-yearly intervals.

     A new round of HES was conducted from October 2014 to September 2015 by the C&SD. With reference to the results of the survey, the expenditure ranges and the weighting patterns of the CPI series have been updated.

     After its first release in April 2016, the new 2014/15-based CPI series has replaced the old 2009/10-based series for analysing movements in consumer prices. This feature article presents the main features of the new CPI series. It also analyses the expenditure weights and the movements of the new and old CPI series.

     For enquiries about this feature article, please contact the Consumer Price Index Section, C&SD (Tel: 3903 7370; email: cpi@censtatd.gov.hk).

"The Profile of Hong Kong Population Analysed by District Council District, 2015"

     The C&SD annually compiles statistics on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population by District Council district based on data collected from the General Household Survey. This feature article provides an analysis on the profile of the population of Hong Kong for various District Council districts in 2015.

     For enquiries about this feature article, please contact the Social Analysis and Research Section, C&SD (Tel: 2887 5208; email: ghs@censtatd.gov.hk).

     Published in bilingual form, the HKMDS is a compact volume of official statistics containing about 140 tables. It collects up-to-date statistical series on various aspects of the social and economic situation of Hong Kong. Topics include population; labour; external trade; National Income and Balance of Payments; prices; business performance; energy; housing and property; Government accounts, finance and insurance; and transport, communications and tourism. For selected key statistical items, over 20 charts depicting the annual trend in the past decade and quarterly or monthly trend in the recent two years are also available. Users can download the Digest free of charge at the website of the C&SD (www.censtatd.gov.hk/hkstat/sub/sp140.jsp?productCode=B1010002).

     Enquiries about the contents of the Digest can be directed to the Statistical Information Services Section of the C&SD (Tel: 2582 4738; email: gen-enquiry@censtatd.gov.hk).

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