Result of First Stage assessment of Food Truck Pilot Scheme

     The Selection Panel of the Food Truck Pilot Scheme has completed the First Stage assessment. A total of 51 out of 192 applications have been shortlisted to participate in the Cook-off Challenge scheduled for July 26. The results of the Cook-off Challenge will be announced on July 27.

     In introducing food trucks to Hong Kong, the Pilot Scheme aims to add fun and vibrancy to tourist attractions in Hong Kong by providing diverse, creative and high quality food options to tourists and the locals while at the same time showcasing good hygiene and food safety.

     A spokesman for the Tourism Commission said today (July 14), "The Pilot Scheme has been warmly received. We appreciate very much the support and efforts of all applicants. We are pleased to note that quite a number of the applications are of good standard."

     Out of the 192 applications received, 79 applications were submitted by individuals, 37 by partnerships and 76 by companies. As regards the signature dishes, 82 applications are Chinese cuisines, 74 are Western and 36 are international. A total of 64 out of 192 applications came from start-ups/micro-enterprises. And 10 out of 100 marks are reserved for start-ups/micro-enterprises during the First Stage assessment.

     The First Stage assessment consists of two parts. Part one is to assess whether the internal installation of the food truck meets the mandatory requirements as set out in the Invitation for Applications document. A total of 115 out of 192 applications meet the mandatory requirements. Of those applications which fail to meet the mandatory requirements, the main reason is that their layout plans for the food trucks are incomplete or lacking.

     Part two is to assess the business and financial plan, the concept/theme of the menu, the mode of operation of the food truck, the outlook design of the food truck and the environmental management plan. The Selection Panel has shortlisted 51 out of 115 applications to enter the Second Stage - the Cook-off Challenge in accordance with the assessment criteria. Of the 51 shortlisted applications, 25 came from start-ups/micro-enterprises. Grouping by the signature dishes, 18 are Chinese cuisines, 17 are Western and 16 are international.

     Shortlisted applicants will demonstrate their respective signature dishes proposed in their applications at the Cook-off Challenge to be held on July
26. In accordance with the assessment criteria as laid down in the Invitation for Applications document, the Selection Panel will select the top 16 applicants to join the Pilot Scheme and draw up a waiting list of eight applicants. The selected applicants are required to follow the procedures as set out in the Invitation for Applications document to apply for relevant licenses from the government departments concerned before operating at the designated venues.

     The Government has set up a Selection Panel comprising food experts, financial experts, representatives from the food truck operating venues and relevant government departments to assess the applications in accordance with the procedures and criteria as set out in the Invitation for Applications document.

     The Tourism Commission together with other relevant government departments will work at full strength to implement the Pilot Scheme and arrange suitable publicity at different stages.

Ends/Thursday, July 14, 2016
Issued at HKT 19:37