The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Carrie Lam (front row, centre); the Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Ms Qiu Hong (front row, third right); Legislative Council member Dr Lo Wai-kwok (front row, second left); the President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Timothy Tong (front row, third left); the Chairman of the Management Committee of the University-Government-Industry Consortium, Professor Jin-guang Teng (front row, first right); the Former Deputy Mayor for Transport of London, Ms Isabel Dedring (front row, second right); and the President of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, Dr Andrew Chan (front row, first left), officiate at the launching ceremony of the University-Government-Industry Consortium for Sustainable Urban Development today (July 6) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.