Community Involvement Projects for Municipal Solid Waste charging launched today (with photos)

     To help the community to get prepared for municipal solid waste (MSW) charging, the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) has earmarked $50 million to support non-profit-making organisations or bodies to carry out Community Involvement Projects for MSW Charging to give the community an early start in experiencing the waste charging process and conducting the necessary preparatory work as soon as practicable. Fourteen applications under the first batch have been approved by the ECF and a launch ceremony was held by the Environmental Protection Department today (May 28).

     Speaking at the launch ceremony, the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, said, "MSW charging is one of the key initiatives in the Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources to bring about behavioural change and encourage people to reduce and recycle waste. MSW charging will be implemented in all sectors in one go, which will directly affect households of various types of residential buildings, the commercial and industrial sector, and other institutional premises such as schools and hospitals. The majority of residential buildings in Hong Kong are multi-storey and multi-unit, ranging from large housing estates to single block buildings in old districts. There are also shopping malls and office buildings in the commercial and industrial sector, each with different modes of waste collection and disposal. The full participation and collaboration of the entire community is crucial to the successful implementation of the charging scheme. All sectors of the community would have to be well informed of the charging arrangement so that they can get prepared for it in a timely manner."

     Mr Wong said, "The projects will try out different 'Pay as You Throw' charging arrangements in the participating buildings and premises and measures to enhance support for waste reduction and recycling efforts, as well as initiatives to promote publicity and public education. The experience gained through these projects would provide useful reference to the community in preparing for the future implementation of MSW charging in different premises."

     Mr Wong added, "The Government has been actively undertaking the preparatory work for the implementation of quantity-based MSW charging based on the recommendations of the Council for Sustainable Development, including the setting of the charging level, formulation of implementation details, development of relevant complementary systems and drafting of the relevant legislation, with a view to getting ready the legislative proposals for the enabling legislation as soon as practicable within the 2016-17 legislative session for submission to the Legislative Council for consideration."

     A total of 14 applications were approved by the ECF in the first batch, involving over 70 participating premises. These premises include both residential and non-residential buildings such as institutional premises, community services units, commercial buildings, shopping malls, residential housing estates with property management companies, single block buildings, and low-density residential buildings and shops in the rural areas. The total funding support involved is around $12 million. The second batch of applications for Community Involvement Projects is currently open until June 27. Please refer to the website of the ECF at for details on the Community Involvement Projects and the application procedures.

     Those also officiating at today's ceremony included the Chairman of the ECF Committee, Dr Joseph Lee; the Chairman of ECF Waste Reduction Projects Vetting Subcommittee, Dr Chan Fuk-cheung; the Convenor of the Public Engagement Process Support Group of the Council for Sustainable Development, Professor Nora Tam; and the Chairman of the Waste Management Subcommittee of the Advisory Council on the Environment, Professor Jonathan Wong.

Ends/Saturday, May 28, 2016
Issued at HKT 18:31