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EMSD releases lift maintenance cost information of private residential and commercial premises

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (May 23) released maintenance cost information on lifts in private residential and commercial premises for public reference.

     The EMSD had earlier engaged an independent consultant to conduct a sampling survey on the maintenance costs of lifts in private residential and commercial buildings in Hong Kong. The consultant analysed the data provided by more than 6,500 questionnaires collected, and calculated the average monthly maintenance costs of the lifts as follows:

Private Residential Buildings

Lift travel   Rated speed    Average monthly lift
level         of lift        maintenance cost

1 to 15       ≤ 1.0m/s        $3,524
              > 1.0m/s        $4,105
16 to 25      ≤ 1.5m/s        $3,773
              > 1.5m/s        $4,736
26 to 35      ≤ 1.75m/s       $4,889
              > 1.75m/s       $6,367
More than 35  ≤ 2.5m/s        $7,276
              > 2.5m/s        $8,388

Private Commercial Buildings

Lift travel    Rated speed   Average monthly lift
level          of lift       maintenance cost

1 to 15        ≤ 1.5m/s        $4,506
               > 1.5m/s        $6,478
16 to 25       ≤ 2.0m/s        $5,595
               > 2.0m/s        $8,716
26 to 35       ≤ 3.0m/s        $7,341
               > 3.0m/s        $11,252
More than 35   ≤ 3.5m/s        $11,301
               > 3.5m/s        $15,866

     The cost information is available in the Responsible Persons' Corner on the EMSD's website ( The EMSD will update it on a half-yearly basis.

     In choosing registered lift contractors, the responsible persons of lifts are advised to make reference to the materials published in the Responsible Persons' Corner in addition to the price factor. The materials include:

* performance ratings of registered contractors;
* sample contracts for procurement of lift maintenance services;
* a guidebook for persons responsible for lifts;
* guidelines for selection of registered contractors for provision of maintenance services;
* guidelines for modernisation of existing lifts;
* guidelines for management of lift maintenance works;
* a checklist for building management staff to conduct daily safety inspection of lifts; and
* common questions and answers on lift management.

Ends/Monday, May 23, 2016
Issued at HKT 15:27


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