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Recycling Fund approves grants for 29 applications

     The Environmental Protection Department today (April 29) said that the Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund has finished the assessment of the first batch of applications. The Committee has approved funding for 29 applications which involves a total sum of about $28 million. In considering the applications, the Committee has taken into account various factors including the proposals' effectiveness in enhancing the applicants' recycling operations, types of recyclables to be handled, cost effectiveness and operational sustainability of the proposals.

     A total of 94 submissions had been received as of November last year. Among the 29 applications approved by the Committee after assessments, 26 are under the Enterprise Support Programme and three are under the Industry Support Programme.  Specific terms and conditions have been attached to individual proposals, such as the requirement to increase the targeted handling capacity of the funded project. These projects involve the handling of different recyclables and are proposed by recyclers of different business sizes. Apart from the above approved applications, the Committee deferred the consideration of 29 applications for assessment to its next meeting pending submission of further information. Among the 29 approved applications, 24 applicants have accepted the grant terms. Details of these projects are set out in the annex. Of the remaining five applicants, some have not yet decided to accept the terms, and some have decided to revise their proposals for application in the future.  

     Twenty-seven applications did not meet the application criteria and were rejected by the Committee. Another nine applications were withdrawn by the applicants.

     The Enterprise Support Programme provides project-based matching funds for recyclers to upgrade and expand their local waste recycling operations, such as the enhancement of source collection of recyclables, and the promotion of recycled products through commercialisation and other marketing efforts. Under the Enterprise Support Programme, a programme is available for small and medium-sized enterprises to apply for small subsidies through streamlined procedures to implement certain small-scale projects. The Industry Support Programme is established for non-profit-distributing organisations to undertake projects to enhance the overall capability and productivity of the recycling industry, including the formulation of best practice guidelines and provision of training for the industry.

     The Chairperson of the Committee, Mr Jimmy Kwok, said, "We understand the imminent challenges facing the recycling industry. The Recycling Fund could lessen the trade's burden and enhance their capability and efficiency, which is conducive to promoting their sustainable development. Moreover, it could also help boost the waste recycling rate and facilitate the transformation of recovered waste into useful resources and products, thus alleviating the pressure on landfills. We are glad that the Recycling Fund has been well received by the trade and many of their applications are very creative. These proposals will bring positive contributions to the recycling industry. We hope that more members of the trade can make use of the opportunity brought about by the Recycling Fund and work jointly towards the sustainable development of the recycling industry."

     The $1 billion Recycling Fund was established in October 2015 to provide appropriate funding support to enhance the overall capability, capacity, efficiency and skills of the local recycling industry, as well as to help develop the market for recycled products by providing more market information. The Fund can also help raise the quantity and value of recyclables, thus reducing the amount of waste disposed of at landfills.

     Members of the Committee are appointed by the Secretary for the Environment to advise and make recommendations to the Government on matters relating to the overall administration and operation of the Recycling Fund. The Committee comprises experts, academics and people with experience in business management and community service, as well as representatives from various business and industry associations. The Hong Kong Productivity Council serves as the implementation partner as well as the secretariat for the Recycling Fund. Further information about the Recycling Fund is available on its website

Ends/Friday, April 29, 2016
Issued at HKT 16:42


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