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Statement by the Chief Executive

     The Chief Executive issued the following statement on a news report by Apple Daily today (April 7) regarding an incident of his daughter, Leung Chung-yan, leaving behind her hand luggage at the airport:

1. Leung Chung-yan followed the boarding procedures and used the passage used by regular passengers when departing that day. Mrs Leung was only seeing her off at the departure hall used by regular passengers. Mrs Leung did not enter the airport restricted area or boarding gate area as claimed by the news report, and she did not wear any "special identity" as claimed by the news report.

2. Leung Chung-yan did not ask for the Chief Executive's "help" regarding her leaving the hand luggage behind. The Chief Executive only knew about the incident when he called Chung-yan by habit to say goodbye, and understood from Chung-yan that she and his wife were handling the matter.

3. During the whole incident, the Chief Executive did not have any contact with Airport Authority officials, let alone exerting pressure on them.

4. The Chief Executive had, through Chung-yan's mobile phone, learnt from the airline staff assisting Chung-yan about the arrangements for claiming the hand luggage left behind in the case where Chung-yan was to depart Hong Kong first.

5. The Chief Executive did not request any one to "address me as Chief Executive Leung" and did not exercise any privilege at that night.

Ends/Thursday, April 7, 2016
Issued at HKT 20:18


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