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Withered Old and Valuable Tree in Hong Kong Park removed

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) had removed a withered Old and Valuable Tree (OVT) at Hong Kong Park in Central and Western District today (December 1).

     The tree, under the management of LCSD, was a 4-metre-tall Ziziphus jujuba located near Restaurant L16 in Hong Kong Park on Cotton Road, Central. It was listed on the Register of OVTs with the registration number LCSD CW/112.
@@The tree was transplanted to Hong Kong Park in 2003 from Henan Province, the Mainland, as part of a donation scheme. Since then, the department had been carefully maintaining the tree and closely monitoring its condition and had all along carried out regular inspections and maintenance on the tree. It was then found to be attacked by fungus and termites in 2006 and 2007. The department thereafter stepped up tree maintenance and adopted appropriate preventive measures.

@@In 2012, the tree's health condition worsened. Inspections and maintenance works were strengthened, with insecticide applied as necessary. However, early this year the tree was found to have no emergence of new leaves, its bark began peeling off and cracks enlarged at its trunk base. As its structure was still in a stable condition, the department continued to monitor the tree for any signs of recovery. But after observation over the past several months the tree was finally confirmed to have completely withered. Upon consultation with the Tree Management Office of the Development Bureau and the Expert Panel on Tree Management, and informing the Central and Western District Council, the LCSD arranged to fell the tree. The removal works were completed today.

     The spokesman said that the department would continue to adopt a prudent approach in inspecting and managing trees under its care. Removal of problematic trees will be undertaken only when no other viable risk mitigation measure is available.

Ends/Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Issued at HKT 14:00


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