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Food Wise Eateries Scheme launched today (with photos)

     The Food Wise Eateries Scheme was launched today (November 2), with about 400 eatery outlets joining the scheme to show their support for a "food wise" culture. By joining the Scheme they commit themselves to cultivating the practice of "waste less" among their customers as well as taking measures to reduce food waste.

     Launched by the Environmental Protection Department, the Food Wise Eateries Scheme encourages collaboration among eateries and their customers to reduce waste at source. The participating eateries commit to conveying the "food wise" message to their customers, offering food portioning options, encouraging customers to order only the amount of food required, to consume it all and take away leftovers after meals, as well as adopting food waste reduction measures.

     The Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, officiated at today's launch ceremony, which was attended by more than 100 representatives from the food and beverage sector. Addressing the ceremony, Mr Wong said that food waste accounted for nearly 40 per cent of the total waste disposed of in Hong Kong's landfills. In this regard the Environment Bureau released "A Food Waste and Yard Waste Plan for Hong Kong 2014-2022" last year to outline multi-pronged ways to tackle the issue, including the launch of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign. Through the Campaign, it is hoped that food waste can be reduced by 5 to 10 per cent by 2017-18.

     Mr Wong thanked the local food and beverage sector and hotel groups for supporting the scheme and taking up their social responsibilities by taking the lead in adopting food waste reduction measures and offering portioned meals. Apart from reducing food waste, he said the eateries could also benefit from saving operating costs by their participation in the scheme. He called for collaborative efforts in promoting the "food wise" culture, adding that the amount of food waste would decrease gradually in the coming years if the community as a whole adopts the spirit of "waste less".

     The Food Wise Eateries Scheme is one of the key programmes of the territory-wide Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign, which was launched in 2013. The Scheme consists of two classes to recognise the commitment of participating eateries, namely Gold Class and Silver Class. Silver Class eateries should fulfill requirements including conveying the "food wise" message to customers, encouraging their customers to consume all ordered food or take away leftovers, and adopting food portioning options or food waste reduction measures.

     In addition to the basic requirements of Silver Class, Gold Class eateries should also adopt at least three additional measures to reduce food waste including strengthening management and commitment, conducting training and promotion, paying attention to food processing or implementing food donation and food waste recycling.

     Other officiating guests attending the launch ceremony included Legislative Council Member (Catering), Mr Tommy Cheung; the Chairman of the Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs, Mr Chan Hak-kan; the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Food Waste Reduction Good Practices in Institutions and Commercial and Industrial Establishments under the Food Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee, Dr Daryl Ng, and representatives of supporting organisations. More than 100 representatives of the eateries and catering organisations participating in the scheme received a certificate of recognition as a token of appreciation for their support and commitment to the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign.

     Further information about the Food Wise Eateries Scheme is available on the website of Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign at

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