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2014 waste statistics published

     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (October 30) issued a report entitled "Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong - Waste Statistics for 2014". The report presents the 2014 statistics on quantities of solid waste disposed of and estimates of waste recovered, including municipal solid waste (MSW) (comprising domestic, commercial and industrial waste), construction waste and other categories of waste in Hong Kong.

     According to the report, the average daily quantity of solid waste disposed of at landfills was 14,859 tonnes, representing an increase of 3.8 per cent as compared with the figure for 2013. The average daily quantity of MSW disposal at landfills was 9,782 tonnes, representing an increase of 2.5 per cent as compared with the figure for 2013. Looking at the figures from a medium-range perspective, domestic waste disposal has fallen cumulatively by 9 per cent since 2004 while the 2014 per capita MSW disposal rate per day was 1.35 kilograms, which was slightly lower than the rate of 1.37kg in 2004. According to the policy targets of the "Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013 - 2022", great emphasis should be given to the per capita MSW disposal rate.

     Regarding construction waste, the quantity being disposed of at landfills has dropped by 40 per cent since the implementation of the Construction Waste Disposal Charging Scheme in 2006. The recovery rate of inert construction materials delivered to public fill reception facilities and other outlets was 93 per cent in 2014. It has remained at above 90 per cent since 2009.

     Compared to the figure in 2013, the total quantity of recovered recyclable MSW materials was 45,000 tonnes higher, with ferrous metals waste increasing by 322,000 tonnes but paper waste and plastic waste dropping by 87,000 and 144,000 tonnes respectively. The MSW recovery rate stood at 37 per cent in 2014, the same as in 2013.
     An EPD spokesman said that following the establishment of the Steering Committee to Promote the Sustainable Development of the Recycling Industry, the Recycling Fund has been launched to assist the recycling industry in upgrading its capability, increasing the quantity and quality of recyclables recovered, and establishing a stable outlet for recycled materials. The Government will continue its efforts to implement the waste reduction policies and actions in the "Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources". At the same time, the Government urges every household and every business to support these efforts by reducing waste at source, participating in the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign and practising clean recycling.

     The report and "Hong Kong 2014 Municipal Solid Waste - At a Glance", which are available in electronic format, can be obtained from the EPD website at

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