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Transcript of remarks by CE at media session after CoP Summit

     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung, at a media session after the Commission of Poverty Summit today (October 10):

Reporter: Chief Executive, there have been accusations that you interfered in the HKU Council decision, especially since you met Peter Mathieson weeks before the council made this decision. There have also been calls for you to not to be the Chancellor of any university in Hong Kong. What do you say to this? Did you interfere in their decision making?

Chief Executive: I have to meet the university chancellors on different occasions for different purposes. The seven universities and the Institute of Education in Hong Kong are publicly-funded institutions. They are UGC, University Grant Committee, funded institutions. And there are legitimate purposes for university management including university president or vice-chancellor to meet with the head of Hong Kong Government, to meet with the chancellor on a variety of subjects, including for example, the question of collaboration between Hong Kong universities and overseas universities and mainland universities and foreign universities. I just had a meeting with one of the heads of such institutions on the question on poverty, for example.

     And on the question of the report that appeared in an English paper yesterday, I believe the Vice-Chancellor, Mr Peter Mathieson, has responded in writing, refuting the allegation that he and I discussed the question of appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellor. And I agree with him.

Reporter: So what about you being the Chancellor in the publicly-funded universities of Hong Kong? There're calls for you not to be Chancellor, and actually, there's been ...

Chief Executive: I have been discharging, in the way similar to my predecessors, my responsibilities under the various ordinances that form these universities.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Saturday, October 10, 2015
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