Schedule for issuing press releases on statistical data

     Following is a reminder of the press releases to be issued between October and December 2015. The schedule for issuing press releases on statistical data in 2015 was provided to the media in September 2014. No change has been made to the original schedule.

October 2015

Date      Press Release
----      -------------
2         Retail sales statistics for August 2015

15        Volume and price statistics of external
          merchandise trade for August 2015

19        Unemployment and underemployment
          statistics for July - September 2015

22        Consumer Price Index for September 2015

23        Business expectations for fourth quarter

27        External merchandise trade statistics
          for September 2015

27        Salary indices for managerial and
          professional employees for June 2015

November 2015

Date      Press Release
----      -------------
3         Retail sales statistics for September

3         Restaurant receipts and purchases
          statistics for third quarter 2015

12        Volume and price statistics of external
          merchandise trade for September 2015

13        Gross Domestic Product for third quarter
          2015: data contained in the press  
          release entitled "Economic Situation in
          the Third Quarter of 2015 and Latest GDP
          and Price Forecasts for 2015" issued by
          the Economic Analysis Division of the
          Economic Analysis and Business
          Facilitation Unit under the Financial
          Secretary's Office (Note)

17        Unemployment and underemployment
          statistics for August - October 2015

23        Consumer Price Index for October 2015

26        External merchandise trade statistics
          for October 2015

30        Retail sales statistics for October 2015

December 2015

Date      Press Release
----      -------------
7         Statistics on vessels, port cargo and
          containers for third quarter 2015

10        Quarterly Business Receipts Indices for
          service industries for third quarter

11        Construction output statistics for third
          quarter 2015

14        Index of Industrial Production and
          Producer Price Index for the industrial
          sector for third quarter 2015

14        Gross National Income and External
          Primary Income Flows for third quarter

17        Unemployment and underemployment
          statistics for September - November 2015

17        Volume and price statistics of external
          merchandise trade for October 2015

17        Statistics on trade involving outward
          processing in the mainland of China for
          third quarter 2015

18        Employment and vacancies statistics for
          September 2015

21        Consumer Price Index for November 2015

21        Chain volume measures of Gross Domestic
          Product by economic activity for third
          quarter 2015

21        Balance of Payments and International
          Investment Position statistics for third
          quarter 2015

28        External merchandise trade statistics
          for November 2015

28        Wage and payroll statistics for
          September 2015

Note: The Economic Analysis Division of the Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit under the Financial Secretary's Office will issue a press release on the Third Quarter Economic Report 2015 and final update of GDP and prices forecasts for 2015 as a whole. The GDP for the third quarter of 2015 will also be released there. No separate press release on the GDP for the third quarter of 2015 will be issued by the Census and Statistics Department on that day.

     The schedule for regular press releases in 2016 can be downloaded from the website of the Census and Statistics Department (

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