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Appointments to Committee on Home-School Co-operation

     The Education Bureau announced today (August 31) the appointment of 10 new members and re-appointment of seven incumbent members to the Committee on Home-School Co-operation (CHSC) for two years with effect from September 1, 2015.

     The 10 newly appointed members are Mr Edward Au-Yeung Chun-leung, Mr Chan Kung-shun, Mr Eugene Fong Yick-jin, Ms Elizabeth Ho Yee-ha, Dr Hui Lung-kit, Dr Lam Hiu-fung, Ms Rhoda Ng Yin-chee, Mr Benjamin Ng Yau-keung, Mr Raymond Poon Tak-cheong and Mr Raphael Tong Tai-wai.

     The seven incumbent members re-appointed are Ms Bonnie Chan Tak-chi, Ms Cheung Lai-chu, Ms Kwong Oi-ho, Ms Lee Suk-chau, Mr Rex Mok Chung-fai, Mr Johnny Tsang Wing-keung and Mr Yeung Sai-man.

     The CHSC comprises members from different walks of life including parents as well as professionals in the education, legal, medical, engineering, accountancy and commercial sectors.

     Established in 1993 as an advisory body, the CHSC's main roles include promoting home-school co-operation and advising the Education Bureau, other government departments and non-government organisations on ways to promote parent involvement in education.

     The CHSC is also tasked to encourage the setting up of parent-teacher associations (PTAs) and Federations of PTAs (FPTAs). To date, all government and aided schools have set up their PTAs and 18 districts have set up their FPTAs.

     The full membership list of the CHSC of the new term is as follows:

Name                           Capacity
----                           --------
Mr Henry Tong Sau-chai         Parent

Mr Rex Mok Chung-fai           Educator-
                               Secondary School
Mr Benjamin Ng Yau-keung*      Educator -
                               Secondary School
Ms Cheung Lai-chu              Educator - Primary
Ms Elizabeth Ho Yee-ha*        Educator - Primary
Ms Lee Suk-chau                Educator - Special
Ms Kwong Oi-ho                 Educator -
Mr Chan Kung-shun*             Parent -
                               Secondary School
Mr Johnny Tsang Wing-keung     Parent -
                               Secondary School
Dr Lam Hiu-fung*               Parent - Primary
Mr Raymond Poon Tak-cheong*    Parent - Primary
Mr Edward Au-Yeung Chun-leung* Parent -
                               Special School
Ms Rhoda Ng Yin-chee*          Parent -
Ms Bonnie Chan Tak-chi         Professional
Mr Eugene Fong Yick-jin*       Professional
Dr Hui Lung-kit*               Professional
Ms Emily Mok Fung-yee          Professional
Mr Raphael Tong Tai-wai*       Professional
Mr Yeung Sai-man               Professional

*Newly appointed member

Ends/Monday, August 31, 2015
Issued at HKT 13:02


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