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"Sparkle! After One Hundred" exhibition documents changes and offers insights (with photos)

     "Sparkle! After One Hundred", the final exhibition of the two-year "Sparkle!" series, opened today (July 31) at Oi! and will run until October 18. What changes have been observed and what insights do the artists have after the past 100 weeks?

     The guest curator, Cheng Yee-man (aka Gum), set up a punch clock at Oi! in September 2013 to start a project lasting 100 weeks, during which the artists could go to the venue and clock in and out as a way of recording their progress and commitment. The participating artists Peggy Chan, Price Chu, Connie Lo, Vinci Mok, Wen Yau, Wayne Wong and Yuen Chun-tai have engaged in a continuous creative process as a long-term documentation that could record the changes that have taken place at specific sites at Oi! and in its vicinity. Each of the artists chose different entry points and engaged different communities and individuals to collaborate in their projects.

     Peggy Chan started an observation that was carried out once a week over two years. "One Hundred Species in Oi!" was created with sunlight and time by applying cyanotype. A research studio has been set up in the exhibition space displaying all constructed images. It aims to guide viewers to explore with artists the relationship between humans and nature.

     Price Chu's "Art Vending Machine" gave visitors a chance in September 2013 to invest $10 in a piece of local art. They bought a hope that would be realised starting from July 31, 2015. The artwork draws the concept of stock futures into the thinking of the artist.

     The way of presenting "From one to hundred" has been gradually transforming. Connie Lo has gathered information and transformed it into a large puzzle in the form of sound and text. These are some hints for all viewers to look for the connection between the old and new in the Oil Street art space.

     One hundred guests were invited by Vinci Mok to introduce their ideal Oi! to a person who has never been to the art space. She grouped different opinions from the guests, and in a work entitled "If I won't go to Oi!, who will go to Oi! - with your 100 dreams in Oi!" presents them in the form of multimedia.

     Wen Yau uses the painting techniques she learnt from various Hong Kong artists each month and depicts a place in North Point suggested by them in her ongoing project "Painting like an Artist: Plein Air - Artwork on Loan". She did plein-air painting in the neighbourhood area within North Point to re-observe the community she finds familiar.

     Through three different stories - Luna Park, a father's life in an old North Point building and a time capsule project with a setting in Oi! - Wayne Wong presents "Untitled" to investigate the relationship between the past, the present and the future.

     Yuen Chun-tai's "7.2X" is a two-year art project focusing on observing the changes in the area within a half-mile of the Oi! art space. She selected 36 specified sites for observation and invited the community to get involved and complete the project.

     "Sparkle! After One Hundred" is the final exhibition in the "Sparkle!" exhibition series organised by Oi! of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The series comprises seven exhibitions, all conceived by seven young and outstanding local curators. Collaborating with design partner Karr Yip, the guest curators have drawn up plans for exhibitions that look into the possible merging of art and daily life and its promotion. The exhibitions encourage creativity while making available an open and experimental art creation platform at Oi! for local art practitioners.

     Oi! is located at 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong. For details, please visit Oi!'s website at, or call 2512 3000.

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