Police response on stand-by deployment in LegCo Complex

     Police have conducted risk assessment in view of recent incidents and the latest situation. Upon consultation with the Legislative Council (LegCo) Secretariat, Police officers will be deployed into the LegCo Complex for stand-by duties this evening (June 16). This is to ensure that in case of emergencies and on the request of LegCo Secretariat, Police can make a quick and effective response to protect the safety of the LegCo members and staff as well as to enable the smooth proceeding of LegCo meetings. Police will adjust the manpower inside the LegCo Complex according to the prevailing situation to stand ready for any untoward incidents.

    According to Section 19 of the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance (Cap. 382), anyone who assaults, obstructs or molests any member going to, being within or going from the precincts of the Chamber commits an offence.  Police appeal to participants of the public order events not to obstruct any members of the Council while in the execution of their duty to refrain from committing any criminal offence.

    In addition, starting from 11pm today, Police will implement temporary road closure on Tim Wa Avenue. Motorists on Harcourt Road (Eastbound) will not be allowed to turn left into Tim Wa Avenue. Those who destine for Lung Wo Road (Westbound) should use Tim Mei Avenue, via Legislative Council Road and return to original path. There will also be no right turn to Tim Wa Avenue from Lung Wo Road (Eastbound).  Motorists who destine for Harcourt Road or Gloucester Road (Eastbound) should use Edinburgh Place or Performing Arts Avenue and return to original path. They are advised to pay attention to the special traffic arrangements and take heed of instructions of the Police on site.

    Police reiterate that we respect the public's freedoms of expression, speech and assembly. It is the policy of Police to facilitate all peaceful and lawful public events in a fair and impartial manner while at the same time ensuring public safety and public order. Members of the public should comply with the laws of Hong Kong and maintain social order when expressing their views.

    Police also remind members of the public who will take part in public events not to believe rumours on the Internet or social media and be incited or used by others to commit violent acts.  Should there be any confrontation, they should protect their own safety, maintain a safe distance from the violent protestors or leave the scene at once so as to give Police enough space to deal with any violent and unlawful acts. If the public spot any suspicious persons or objects, they should inform Police under safety circumstances.

    Police will not tolerate any acts endangering public order and public safety. We will take resolute and effective actions against any violent and unlawful activities in order to restore social order.

Ends/Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Issued at HKT 18:22