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Rural Representative Election voter registration campaign starts

     The 2015 voter registration campaign for the Rural Representative Election (RRE) was launched today (June 15).

     The Home Affairs Department (HAD) appeals to all eligible persons who have not registered as electors and want to have their names on this year's register to submit their applications for voter registration by July 16, so that they could vote in future RREs.

     There are three types of Rural Representatives, namely Indigenous Inhabitant Representatives (IIR), Resident Representatives (ReR) and Kaifong Representatives (KFR).
     An IIR, returned by indigenous inhabitants, their spouses or surviving spouses of an Indigenous/Composite Indigenous Village, is to reflect views on the affairs of the indigenous village on behalf of the indigenous inhabitants of that village and to deal with all affairs relating to the lawful traditional rights and interests and the traditional way of life of those indigenous inhabitants.

     A ReR, returned by residents (both indigenous and non-indigenous inhabitants) of an Existing Village, is to reflect views on the affairs of the village on behalf of the residents of the village.

     A KFR, returned by residents of a Market Town (Cheung Chau/Peng Chau), is to reflect views on the affairs of the Market Towns on behalf of the residents.

     "There are different eligibility requirements for registration as electors for these elections. Applicants should ascertain whether they fulfil the requirements," an HAD spokesman said.

     "Indigenous inhabitants, their spouses or surviving spouses, aged 18 or above and holding recognised identity documents, are eligible to be registered as electors in the IIR Election of an Indigenous/Composite Indigenous Village.

     "For registration as an elector in the ReR Election and the KFR Election, one must be a Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above and have been a resident of the Existing Village or Market Town (Cheung Chau/Peng Chau) for three years immediately before the date of application for registration, and whose address in the Village or Market Town is his or her principal residential address. Principal residential address means the address of the dwelling place at which the person resides and which constitutes the person's sole or main home.

     "Indigenous inhabitants of an Indigenous/Composite Indigenous Village, their spouses or surviving spouses who have been residing in an Existing Village or a Market Town for at least three years immediately before registration and are in compliance with the eligibility requirements for electors in the relevant election can submit two separate forms if they wish to register as electors for both IIR Election and ReR Election or KFR Election."

     The spokesman stressed that if registered electors of the ReR Election and the KFR Election no longer reside in the Village or Market Town for which they are registered, or the principal residential addresses recorded in the register of electors are no longer the addresses of their sole or main homes, they are no longer eligible to remain registered as electors. It is an offence if they cast their votes in an election.

     Voter registration forms can be obtained from the HAD, Public Enquiry Service Centres of the District Offices and government offices outside Hong Kong, or downloaded from the RRE website (

     Completed and signed voter registration forms should be forwarded in person or by post to the HAD or any District Office, by fax (fax number: 2591 6392) or email ( on or before July 16, Hong Kong time.

     The HAD will publicise the voter registration campaign through the RRE website, pamphlets, posters, banners and newspaper advertisements, etc, to encourage eligible persons, including those living overseas, to register as electors.

     For enquiries, please call the HAD hotline at 2152 1521.

Ends/Monday, June 15, 2015
Issued at HKT 12:00


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