International Children's Film Carnival 2015 to share incredible cinematic experiences with families (with photos)

     The International Children's Film Carnival (ICFC) to be held this July and August will present not-to-be-missed entertainment during the summer vacation. Audiences attending this year's programme will be able to enjoy the company of many fun characters, including the lovely Jill and Joy, curious bees, an Egyptian mummy, ballet boys, a ghost and a generous witch.

     Presented by the Film Programmes Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), the ICFC 2015 is part of the annual International Arts Carnival (IAC). The programme has a rich diversity of more than 10 feature films from different countries including Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, the Czech Republic and the United States, as well as 14 animations and short films from around the world. These films will be shown from July 10 to August 16 at the Theatre of the Hong Kong City Hall and the Cinema of the Hong Kong Film Archive, as well as the Lecture Halls of the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Space Museum.

     The feature films include the animations "Maya the Bee - Movie" (2014) and "Solan & Ludvig's Christmas" (2013); an adventure of fantasy and whimsy in "Jill and Joy" (2014); the heart-warming "Lola on the Pea" (2014) and "SHANA - The Wolf's Music" (2014); stories about precious friendship in "Dummie the Mummy" (2014) and "My Friend Raffi" (2014); the hilarious and playful "Mister Twister on Stage" (2014); and the witty and exciting "JerryMaya's Detective Agency - von Broms' Secret" (2013). The "Youthful Encounters" section will feature three movies depicting the journey of growing up, namely "Secrets of War" (2014), "Ballet Boys" (2014) and "To See the Sea" (2014), while the "Film Tunnel" section will screen the household fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" (1951).

     "Maya the Bee - Movie" won Best Animated Film at the Bavarian Film Awards 2015 and Best Animation Feature Film - Jury at the Noida International Film Festival 2015. A little bee, Maya, leaves the hive with her friends to venture into the insect world but eventually hurries home to expose an evildoer's conspiracy and save the queen bee. In "Solan & Ludvig's Christmas", there is no sign of snow as Christmas approaches. Panicked by the impending slow news days, an editor causes a storm disaster using a powerful snow cannon stolen from an inventor. The inventor summons all his courage to stop the machine just in time, saving the whole village. The film won Best Children's Film in the Amanda Awards of the Norwegian International Film Festival 2014 and the European Children's Film Association Award at the Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival 2014.

     In "Jill and Joy", two sisters living in a dream house decide to help their neighbours find a stolen hen, a prized fowl that lays golden eggs, and begin a wonderful fun-filled journey. The film won Best Costume Design at the Jussi Awards 2015 and the First Prize for Live-action Feature Film (Children's Jury Prize) at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2014.

     In "Lola on the Pea", Lola has become an introvert retreating into her little shell on a houseboat after her father's sudden disappearance. Befriending a newcomer in class, Lola gradually opens her heart again. The film won various awards including Best Feature Film (Audience Award) and Best Live Action Film (Children's Jury Award) at the Children's Film Festival Seattle 2015. In "SHANA - The Wolf's Music", the Canadian First Nations girl Shana embarks on a spiritual journey into the depths of a forest and befriends a wild wolf. Playing a violin bequeathed by her mother, she speaks to the souls of the departed and soothes pain throbbing deep inside with a primal musical sensibility. The film won the Made in the Northwest Prize (Children's Jury Award) at the Children's Film Festival Seattle 2015 and the Special Youth Jury Award at the Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth 2014.

     A friend in need is a friend indeed. "Dummie the Mummy" depicts the extraordinary friendship between Gus and an Egyptian mummy, Dummie. Gus is determined to find a missing magical scarab and save his friend. "My Friend Raffi" is another story celebrating true friendship. When Sammy's golden hamster, Raffi, disappears without a trace, Sammy launches a frantic search and even starts a battle of wits and wills against a ruthless criminal to rescue his friend.

     In "Mister Twister on Stage", the extraordinary teacher Mees Kees (MK) makes a return after his first appearance last year and continues to triumph over hurdles with his students through creativity. MK is forced to lead the rehearsal of a dusty medieval drama adapted by the principal, whereas his disgruntled students are plotting a rebellion on stage. "JerryMaya's Detective Agency - von Broms' Secret" follows the disappearance of a 250-year-old chest in the crypt of a dilapidated church. The detective duo Jerry and Maya comb through the evidence at the scene for clues. Can they catch the criminals?

     The "Youthful Encounters" section especially recommends its three award-winning films themed on the journey of growing up before coming of age to inspire young movie-goers. "Secrets of War" is set in a small village in the Netherlands during World War II. An important secret is divulged and in turn changes the courses of destiny for everyone forever. The documentary "Ballet Boys" features three boys with a passion for ballet. Despite the prejudices they face, the trio never give up pursuing their dreams. In "To See the Sea", Tomas has a quest for being a director. The novice goes to extreme lengths to film his subjects stealthily and unravels a family secret.  

     To mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", this year's "Film Tunnel" will specially screen "Alice in Wonderland", the Walt Disney animated musical released in 1951. The timeless classic with its soundtrack of catchy and beautiful tunes continues to charm viewers today. Audiences are invited to join the fantasy world with Alice, the White Rabbit and the King of Hearts this summer.

     Experienced dubbing artists Pat Kwok and Kinson Lai will perform live Cantonese dubbing in "Solan & Ludvig's Christmas", "My Friend Raffi" and "JerryMaya's Detective Agency - von Broms' Secret", for which English subtitles are available, while other films have Chinese and English subtitles.

     Fourteen animations and shorts from various countries and places including the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be screened during the ICFC in the "World Animation & Shorts" section. Ken Kwan, a professional director of children's drama, will host interactive activities during the intervals in Cantonese.

     Selections in "World Animation & Shorts 1" include "Ghost Hour" (2014), featuring an adorable ghost; "Forward, March!" (2013), with a hairy and cheerful monster undulating to a thumping rhythm; "The Sunshine Egg" (2012), offering a look at the joy of freedom; and the fearless "Corrida" (2012). Selections in "World Animation & Shorts 2" include "Fellowship" (2014), with the Tetriminos trying to escape from a coming flood; "Playing the Piano" (2013), featuring a whimsical world of music; and "Room on the Broom" (2012), depicting a ride on a witch's broom with animals.

     Tickets priced at $55 will be available from tomorrow (May 15) at URBTIX. Half-price tickets are available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities (and one accompanying minder), full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients. Credit card telephone booking can be made at 2111 5999, or on the Internet at For programme enquiries, please call 2734 2900 or browse the website at Programme and discount details can be found in the booking brochure of the ICFC or in the IAC programme brochure available at all URBTIX outlets.

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