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FEHD conducts territory-wide intensive mosquito prevention and control exercises (with photo)

     The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today (May 4), together with other relevant government departments, conducted the first round of intensive mosquito prevention and control exercises across the territory, including taking action to kill adult mosquitoes, clear stagnant water and conduct grass cutting to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds so as to enhance the effectiveness of mosquito control measures to prevent dengue fever (DF).

     Inspecting the anti-mosquito work by the FEHD in Tuen Mun this morning, the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene, Miss Vivian Lau, said the exercise will be conducted in two rounds with each lasting for two weeks starting today until early June. It is hoped that mosquitoes of a whole generation, including those infected with DF, could be eliminated after these two rounds of intensive mosquito prevention and control exercise so as to prevent as far as possible DF from becoming endemic in Hong Kong.

     "There were no local DF cases in Hong Kong between 2011 and 2013. However, three local DF cases were confirmed within a short period of time late last year, which was a cause for concern. According to statistics released by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, as of April 29, a total of 30 DF cases were confirmed this year and all were imported. We are worried that if imported DF cases continue to persist in Hong Kong and that we cannot effectively contain the local mosquito problem, DF might take root and become endemic in Hong Kong and the situation will be irreversible," she said.

     "Although the symptoms of first DF infection are usually mild, if the person is infected with other serotypes of dengue viruses in subsequent years, it is more likely to result in a serious complication, namely dengue haemorrhagic fever. Failing proper treatment, the fatality rate could exceed 20 per cent. At present, no vaccine for DF is available. Therefore, the best preventive measures are to avoid mosquito bites and adopt measures to prevent mosquito breeding. Urgent actions at the district level are called for to put a territory-wide anti-mosquito campaign into full swing."

     Miss Lau said the Government has set up an inter-departmental Anti-Mosquito Steering Committee to strengthen co-operation among different departments and adopt proactive measures to intensify anti-mosquito efforts across the territory.

     "We spared no efforts in mosquito control and continued to sustain our anti-mosquito work throughout the past winter. In gearing up for the upcoming rainy season, the FEHD, in addition to deploying additional manpower to anti-mosquito work, will strengthen public education and publicity programmes to enhance public understanding of DF and preventive measures as well as the importance of mosquito control work," she said.

     "We will also step up inspections to construction sites and other potential mosquito breeding grounds and take prosecution actions against the persons-in-charge of premises with mosquito breeding found. Furthermore, the FEHD will collaborate with District Councils in various districts in the coming months to fortify anti-mosquito work at the district level to prevent DF."

     Miss Lau urged members of the public to remain vigilant and continue to take out effective measures to prevent mosquito breeding.

     For more information on mosquito prevention and control, members of the public may visit the FEHD website at

Ends/Monday, May 4, 2015
Issued at HKT 19:56


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