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LCQ12: Reprovisioning of a school in Yue Wan Estate

     Following is a question by Dr Hon Kenneth Chan and a written reply by the Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, in the Legislative Council today (April 29):


     It has been reported that the authorities have rezoned the site of a vacant school premises in Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan, for residential use and plan to build a public rental housing (PRH) block there (PRH scheme). I have learnt that the ELCHK Faith Love Lutheran School (Lutheran School) is adjacent to the vacant school premises, and the premises of the school are far below the current standards in terms of area, space and facilities. The Lutheran School has all along been lobbying the Government to improve its school premises for years, and has suggested that the authorities study the reprovisioning of the school at the same time when it plans for the PRH scheme. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

(1) whether the authorities will consider conducting a joint planning for the PRH scheme and the reprovisioning of the Lutheran School; if they will, of the details, and whether the authorities will reprovision the Lutheran School on sites in or near Yue Wan Estate; in the course of reprovisioning the Lutheran School, whether the authorities will provide the school with temporary school premises; if they will, of the specific arrangements; if not, the reasons for that; and

(2) regarding the reprovisioning of the Lutheran School, whether the authorities will meet with and gauge the views of different stakeholders, including the teachers, students and parents of the school, as well as the residents in the district and the Eastern District Council; if they will, of the specific arrangements; if not, the reasons for that?



     Regarding the issues relating to the premises of the ELCHK Faith Love Lutheran School (Lutheran School), our response is as follows:

(1) The vacant school premises of the former TWGHS & LKWFSL Mrs Fung Yiu Hing Memorial Primary School is located in Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan. Upon request from the Housing Department (HD), the Education Bureau (EDB) had returned that vacant school premises to HD for residential use in 2013. According to the approved Chai Wan Outline Zoning Plan No. S/H20/21, the site on which the vacant school premises is located is zoned "Residential (A)". According to information provided by HD, HD plans to demolish that vacant school premises to construct a public rental housing block. This development project and the redevelopment of Yue Wan Estate are two different projects under HD.

     Lutheran School is an operating aided primary school. It is also located in Yue Wan Estate adjacent to that vacant school premises. Regarding the improvement of the premises of Lutheran School, EDB has all along maintained close contact with the school so as to understand and follow up its development needs, as well as to provide appropriate support for improving its environment and facilities. EDB has received and is following up the proposal from Lutheran School for in-situ redevelopment/extension. Factors to be considered are the operation track record and quality of the school; the area, facilities, conditions and age of the existing premises; as well as the future development of Yue Wan Estate where the school is located, etc.

     As regards the suggestion of reprovisioning Lutheran School, the School Sponsoring Body (SSB) of Lutheran School may consider making an application for reprovisioning the school through the School Allocation Exercises (SAE) to improve its teaching and learning environment. Under the established mechanism, when EDB has identified a school site/premises for reprovisioning of all existing public sector primary schools in the territory, the allocation of the relevant school site/premises is generally conducted through SAE for which all eligible SSBs in the territory can apply. School allocation is generally conducted on a competitive basis amongst the SSBs. In assessing the applications for reprovisioning, quality of education is the prime consideration of the School Allocation Committee comprising both official and non-official members. Other factors to be considered include the operation track record of the SSB, the proposed school plan after reprovisioning, and the physical conditions of the school's existing premises, etc.

(2) As mentioned in the paragraphs above, EDB is following up the proposal from Lutheran School for in-situ redevelopment/extension. Before a concrete plan has been made, it is still premature to discuss the specific arrangement of the consultation work at this stage. In accordance with the usual school building procedures, when there is further information on a school building project, EDB and the relevant departments will closely liaise with the relevant stakeholders. Public consultation will be carried out timely to consult the relevant District Council and the local community.

Ends/Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Issued at HKT 13:11


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