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SED witnesses agreements between 10 pairs of sister schools

     The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, and leaders of the Foshan Municipal Government today (April 25) witnessed the signing of sister school agreements between 10 pairs of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Foshan.

     Speaking at the signing ceremony held at Fung Kai Innovative School in Sheung Shui, Mr Ng said that Hong Kong and Mainland schools had started to pair up as co-ordinated by the Education Bureau (EDB) since 2004. Currently, there are over 440 pairs of sister schools between the two places.
     Mr Ng said, "With the sister school platform, schools from the two places can carry out exchange activities at different levels and in various forms in accordance with their school-based objectives and directions of development, such as class observation, lesson evaluation, workshops, lectures, forums and seminars, etc, for professional interflow and exchanges of ideas so as to promote pedagogical design and curriculum practices. Through exchanges and co-operation, students of the two places can also have a better understanding of each other.

     "In the case of Hong Kong and Foshan, Foshan was named in 2013 by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province as an advanced city in promoting the modernisation of education in the Province, which was the first of its kind in Guangdong Province, whereas Hong Kong is a place where East meets West with a blend of education experiences from all over the world. The exchanges and co-operation between schools in the two places will definitely complement each other and further enhance the quality of education.
     "Sister school activities have all along been well-received by schools, with active participation from teachers and students. With this solid foundation, we will introduce in the 2015/16 school year a three-year pilot scheme to provide each local sister school with an annual subsidy of $120,000 as well as professional support."

     Schools and school sponsoring bodies have generally welcomed the new measure and recognise its objectives. A total of 20 secondary and primary schools have formed 10 pairs of sister schools as facilitated by the Board of Directors of Fung Kai Public School and the Foshan Education Bureau, setting a record high witnessed by the EDB since the announcement of the enhanced support for sister school activities this year.

     Other officiating guests at today's ceremony included the Director-General of the Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr Li Lu; the Assistant Counsel of the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, Ms Li Yajuan; the Vice Mayor of Foshan, Ms Mai Jiehua; and the Director of Foshan Municipal Education Bureau, Mr Mao Yongtian.

Ends/Saturday, April 25, 2015
Issued at HKT 16:36


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