Draft Yung Shue O Outline Zoning Plan gazetted

     The Town Planning Board (the Board) today (April 24) announced the publication of the draft Yung Shue O Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).

     The planning scheme area, covering a total area of about 33.72 hectares, is located at the western end of the Sai Kung Peninsula, with Sai Kung West Country Park surrounding it on the north, east and south, and Three Fathoms Cove lying to its west.

     A spokesman for the Board said the general planning intention for the area is to protect its high conservation and landscape value which complements the overall naturalness and the landscape beauty of the surrounding Sai Kung West Country Park. It is also to consolidate village development so as to avoid undesirable disturbances to the natural environment and rural settings in the area.

     About 3.25 hectares of land are zoned "Village Type Development" to designate both the existing recognised village and areas of land considered suitable for village expansion.

     Two sites of about 0.03 hectare in total area are zoned "Government, Institution or Community" primarily for the provision of Government, institution or community (GIC) facilities serving the needs of the local residents and/or a wider district, region or the territory. The major GIC facilities include a sewage pumping station, a permanent flushing toilet and a refuse collection point at the southern part of the area.

     To define the limits of urban and sub-urban development areas by natural features and to contain urban sprawl as well as to provide passive recreational outlets, about 24.51 hectares of land are zoned "Green Belt" covering the natural vegetation, woodlands, hilly terrain, shrublands, grasslands, the ecologically important stream and the adjacent river branch, the fallow agricultural land and two pieces of permitted burial grounds.

     About 5.93 hectares of land are zoned "Coastal Protection Area" ("CPA") to conserve, protect and retain the natural coastlines and the sensitive coastal natural environment, including attractive geological features, physical landform or area of high landscape and scenic or ecological value, with a minimum of built environment. The backshore and coastal areas are designated as "CPA" so as to reflect and protect the natural coastal environment in the area, in particular the mangroves adjoining the area and the estuarine area.

     The draft Yung Shue O OZP is now available for public inspection during office hours at the Secretariat of the Board; the Planning Enquiry Counters of the Planning Department in North Point and Sha Tin; the Sha Tin, Tai Po and North District Planning Office; the Tai Po District Office and the Sai Kung North Rural Committee.

     Any person may make written representations in respect of the draft plan to the Secretary of the Board on or before June 24.

     Copies of the draft plan are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the plan can be viewed at the Board's website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb).

Ends/Friday, April 24, 2015
Issued at HKT 16:00