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EMSD releases investigation findings on lift incident at Selwyn Factory Building in Kwun Tong

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has completed the investigation into the lift incident that occurred in the Selwyn Factory Building in Kwun Tong on October 8, 2014, and released the findings today (April 8).

     The investigation revealed that on the night of the incident, 18 passengers packed into the lift, which was already loaded with 13 passengers, when it landed on the 12th floor, bringing the total number of passengers to 31. As the rated capacity of the lift is 21 passengers, the audible and visual overload alarm was triggered immediately. Since the overload had exceeded the operating limit of the lift brake system, the lift began to slip downwards even though the system had been activated. At this juncture, two passengers managed to leave the lift car in time.

     As the lift was slipping downwards, both the lift brake system and the subsequently activated safety gears performed their functions of slowing down the descent speed but were unable to stop the lift due to the severe overload. The lift eventually slipped downwards to the bottom of the lift shaft, causing injury to 29 passengers.

     During the investigation, the EMSD found that there were inadequacies in the maintenance works and working procedure of the lift contractor, ThyssenKrupp Elevator (HK) Ltd. The department will conduct a disciplinary inquiry into the case.

     The investigation report is available at the EMSD's website (

     The EMSD advises members of the public to take the following actions when the lift overload alarm is sounded:
(1) If you are next to the door of the lift car, you should leave the car promptly so as to reduce the loading to within the range of the lift's rated capacity;
(2) If you have left the lift car, you should not attempt to pack back into it, so as not to overload it again; and
(3) If you suspect the overload alarm is faulty, you should inform the management office of the building immediately so that prompt arrangement can be made with the lift contractor to carry out inspection and repair works to ensure the lift is in safe working order.

     A spokesperson for the EMSD said that the department will continue to closely monitor the performance of lift contractors and workers, and take appropriate regulatory measures to ensure lift safety.

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