Police play crucial role in maintaining law and order (with photos)

     Hong Kong is able to uphold the rule of law, and maintain prosperity and stability with a professional, honourable and effective Police Force, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), Mr Martin Liao, said today (January 24) when inspecting a passing-out parade at the Hong Kong Police College.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Liao said the Force played a crucial role in enforcing the law in Hong Kong, which implemented a political system with a tripartite separation of executive, legislative and judicial power.

     Amongst the countries and regions in the world, Hong Kong boasts a city of the lowest crime rate. Mr Liao said that this was because the Force had been doing an excellent job in upholding law and order.

     Policing in Hong Kong has evolved with time, and the Force has constantly refined its procedures and practice to meet challenges over the years, he added.

     He pointed out that Police officers have been confronting unprecedented stress in this politically charged community with rising public expectations. In particular, during the illegal occupation over the past few months, many frontline officers worked extremely long hours and were slighted, abused and provoked by protesters. Even their family members were made targets of personal attacks and online threats.

     However, he noted that Police officers had fulfilled their duty with professionalism, selflessness, impartiality and fairness, and had won support from the public.

     Noting that the Force would face more challenges ahead, Mr Liao reminded graduates to adhere to the core values of the Force, remain steadfast and restrained, perform duties with fairness, selflessness and honesty so as to uphold the prosperity and stability of the city.

     Mr Liao congratulated the graduates who were the first batch of Police officers awarded the Professional Diploma in Policing by the Police College. Through the credit accumulation and transfer system in local and overseas institutions, the qualifications were pathways to lifelong learning.

     ¡§The professional diploma is just the beginning. Bearing in mind the challenges ahead, you ought to continue to develop your skills in professionalism, leadership, communication and judgement,¡¨ Mr Liao said.

     The Professional Diploma in Policing and Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management in Policing, received by Recruit Police Constables and Probationary Inspectors respectively, were accredited by the HKCAAVQ under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) in June last year.

     The former was recognised as meeting the accreditation standards at Level 4 (at the same level of an Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma of the academic sector) while the latter met the standards at Level 5 (at the same level of a Bachelor Degree of the academic sector).

     Neither a tertiary institution nor a professional association, the Police College is the first training institution to have acquired the accreditation status to run professional training programmes under the HKQF at Level 4 and Level 5.

      A total of 36 Probationary Inspectors and 208 Recruit Police Constables passed out today.

Ends/Saturday, January 24, 2015
Issued at HKT 13:17