EPD signs agreement with contractor on landfill gas treatment and export

     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (December 22) signed a supplemental agreement with the contractor of the Southeast New Territories (SENT) Landfill, Green Valley Landfill Limited (GVL).

     Under the supplemental agreement, GVL will collaborate with the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (HKCG) to provide on-site treatment facilities to convert landfill gas into synthetic natural gas, which will be fed into the HKCG supply grid at the Tseng Lan Shue Offtake Station through a 12-kilometre dedicated pipeline.

     A spokesman for the EPD said, "This agreement will help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for town gas production and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere."

     The HKCG commenced landfill gas utilisation schemes at the Shuen Wan Landfill and the Northeast New Territories Landfill in 1999 and 2007 respectively. Treated landfill gas from these sites is transferred by pipeline to the HKCG plant in Tai Po as fuel for town gas production.

     At present, some of the landfill gas from the SENT Landfill is used to generate electricity and some as a direct heating fuel for on-site facilities. Surplus raw landfill gas is flared off for safety reasons. The collaboration scheme between GVL and HKCG, which is expected to be commissioned in mid-2016, will export treated surplus landfill gas to the off-take station at Tseng Lan Shue for injection into the HKCG supply grid for an agreement period of 20 years up to 2036. This project will result in an annual reduction of about 56 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the SENT Landfill, which is equivalent to the quantity of carbon dioxide removed by 2.4 million trees in one year.

Ends/Monday, December 22, 2014
Issued at HKT 16:02