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SED concludes his duty visit to Nanjing (with photos)

     The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, today (December 7) concluded his duty visit to Nanjing.

     This morning, Mr Ng continued to accompany more than 260 students and teachers from Hong Kong secondary schools to participate in the Mainland exchange activities of "Passing on the Torch" Platform Programme Series: An Exploration into the History and Culture in Nanjing. They visited and conducted life-wide learning at the "Nanjing Treaty" Historical Gallery.

     Mr Ng said, "The 'Nanjing Treaty' is closely related to Hong Kong's history. In 1842, the Qing Dynasty, after being defeated in the First Opium War, signed the first unequal treaty in the modern history of China, with Hong Kong ceded to Britain. Hong Kong was thus separated from its motherland until the reunification in 1997.

     "In the 'Nanjing Treaty' Historical Gallery, our students can not only see for themselves the information on various unequal treaties in China's modern history, but also take a look at the scene which reproduced the negotiation of the 'Nanjing Treaty'. The on-site learning opportunity can definitely raise students' interests in leaning Chinese history.

     "The participation in the Mainland exchange activities of 'Passing on the Torch' Platform Programme Series is entirely on a voluntary basis. The activities are indeed well-received by teachers, students and parents. Citing as an example the Exploration into the History and Culture in Nanjing this time, the total number of student and teacher applicants has reached 550. It is more than double the number of places provided," he added.

     Mr Ng said that the Education Bureau will continue to support Hong Kong students to participate in Mainland exchange activities. He hoped that students can look into the social, economic, technological, cultural and historical developments of the Mainland from multiple perspectives. Besides, they can also serve as "student ambassadors" to enhance their Mainland peers' understanding about Hong Kong.

     Mr Ng has returned to Hong Kong this afternoon.

Ends/Sunday, December 7, 2014
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