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Remarks by Commissioner of Police at media session

     Following are the remarks by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Tsang Wai-hung, at a media session after attending the passing-out parade of probationary inspectors and recruit constables at the Hong Kong Police College today (November 15).

     The Police have tried its very best to maintain law and order in Hong Kong in the past seven weeks. I have to thank my officers for their efforts and steadfastness during this period. I also have to thank members of the community for their support. During the same period, the Police have exercised the utmost restraint in dealing with the unlawful behaviours of the protesters including those participating in unlawful assembly and those unlawfully occupying major thoroughfares in Hong Kong.

     All along, we the Police hope to avoid major confrontation and to avoid bloodshed when dealing with these unlawful behaviours. As a law enforcement agency, however, the Police cannot allow these unlawful behaviours to go on indefinitely. The latest court ruling clearly directs that the Police assist the bailiffs in executing the injunction order and in reopening the blocked roads. The Police will give its fullest support and will exercise such other legal power as required to maintain public order and ensure public safety.

     These protesters who have blocked our roads and those who have been taking part in these unlawful assembly have seriously disrupted the order of our society and also seriously undermined the rule of law of Hong Kong. Now I appeal again to them to immediately stop the unlawful behaviours and to immediately leave the blocked roads. I also urge them to obey the court order and not to obstruct the execution of the relevant injunction orders. For those protesters who choose to defy the law, choose to ignore the court order and obstruct the execution of the injunction order, the Police will take resolute measures to deal with them in accordance with the law.

Ends/Saturday, November 15, 2014
Issued at HKT 14:55


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