Remarks by Commissioner of Police at media session

     Following is the transcript of the remarks by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Tsang Wai-hung, at the media session after the 2014 Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony today(October 18):

     Police strongly condemn those who participated in the unlawful assembly, charged Police cordon and illegally occupied major thoroughfares in Mong Kok earlier this morning and last night. Such behaviours are neither peaceful nor non-violent. They seriously undermined public order and seriously jeopardized public safety.

     The Police have been extremely tolerant of the unlawful acts of the demonstrators in the past two to three weeks. We did this in the hope that they can calm down and express their view in an otherwise peaceful, rational and lawful manner. Unfortunately, these protestors chose to carry on with their unlawful acts including unlawful acts which are even more radical, more violent.

     I have a message from the bottom of my heart. These illegal acts are hurting Hong Kong, hurting our society. They seriously disrupted the daily life of our people, students, workers, businessmen, people requiring medical attention, people from all walks of life.

     To these demonstrators, to these protestors, you may think that your illegal acts have prevented the Police in doing about our duties, disrupted our deployment, and even forced us to retreat. Superficially this may be the case, but let me tell you this, these illegal acts are undermining the rule of law, undermining what Hong Kong always relies upon to succeed. I urge you to think about this, if from now on, the Police fail to uphold the law effectively, who stands to benefit? And who stands to gain? Thank you.

Ends/Saturday, October 18, 2014
Issued at HKT 14:06