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Video statement by CE

     Following is a translation of the video statement today (October 6) by the Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung:

Fellow citizens,

     I pointed out in my video statement two days ago that we have to restore social order to allow people to return to their normal life. The Central Government Offices (CGO) had to resume operation on Monday and classes in Central and Western as well as Wanchai districts need to reopen as soon as possible.

     This morning, our Government Headquarters resumed its operation. On the whole, government staff can reach their offices through a passage on the footbridge. Yesterday, some protesters left the scene but there were also newcomers. The vehicular access to the CGO is still being blocked by some protesters. As a result, the CGO is not able to operate at full capacity, affecting visitors and external activities. Some meetings of the Legislative Council today have also been cancelled.

     Although secondary schools in the Wan Chai and Central and Western districts have resumed their classes today, this was not the case for kindergartens, primary schools and special schools.

     I hope that the protesters gathering on the roads, especially students and young people, could think this over: While fighting for a better future and democracy for Hong Kong by way of civil disobedience, should you also consider the prolonged disruption caused to the general public by the "Occupy Central" movement?

     I now want to talk about Mong Kok. In the past few days, conflicts continuously erupted between people supporting the "Occupy Central" movement and other groups in Mong Kok, causing injuries to many, including police officers and reporters. We are highly concerned about and strongly condemn these acts. Many of those gathering in different areas are young people and students who have passion and love for Hong Kong. However, there are also some radical and violent people. The Police will resolutely enforce the law against those who resort to violence, no matter what their stance is on the "Occupy Central" movement. Today, the Police have seized dangerous weapons in Wan Chai and Admiralty. They will continue to deploy manpower and use appropriate force impartially to prevent conflicts of a larger scale from taking place and to protect the lives and property of the public. However, I have to point out that as the Police have to deploy considerable manpower to deal with the congregation in Mong Kok for a prolonged period of time, their service in other aspects will inevitably be affected.

     People have now gathered in Mong Kok again. The likelihood of clashes between people holding strong but different views is constantly increasing. To prevent violent crimes from happening and minimise injuries and fatalities, the Police will take actions at a suitable time. I would, in particular, advise students, onlookers and other people to leave the highly dangerous area as soon as possible.

     The Government is making every effort to enable everyone to resume normal life. We are sincere in having dialogue on constitutional development. The first preparatory meeting was held with relevant parties yesterday. I thank all Hong Kong people for their patience. My thanks also go to many enthusiastic people and organisations for their hard work in making appeals to different parties and mediating with them in the past few days with a view to ending the "Occupy Central" movement as soon as possible.

     The Government and the Police have an obligation to restore social order and safeguard the lives and property of our people. I hope that all people including those gathering on the roads will, in the overall interest of all, put an end to this movement to allow for early restoration of life and social order.

Ends/Monday, October 6, 2014
Issued at HKT 20:19


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