Leisure Link patrons re-registration exercise to end in three months

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (September 28) urged Hong Kong residents who are Leisure Link System (LLS) patrons to seize the opportunity to re-register their accounts using their Hong Kong identity cards as early as possible in the coming three months before the re-registration exercise finishes at the end of the year. By setting up a personal profile, re-registered patrons can enjoy booking LCSD venues or cancelling bookings in a faster and easier way through the Internet.

     The LCSD launched a seven-month LLS re-registration exercise in June this year to ensure that each member of the public possesses only one LLS account for booking recreation and sports facilities. Over 13,500 patrons have already re-registered.

     Current LLS patrons can re-register their accounts through the Internet until December 31 by submitting their basic personal information together with a scanned copy of their Hong Kong identity card via the LLS website at w2.leisurelink.lcsd.gov.hk. They can also submit their personal information by fax, by post or in person at the LCSD Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre located at 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordon, Kowloon.

     Patrons will be notified individually of a new registration number after completion of the
re-registration and verification process. The old registration account will lapse in 7 days after the activation of the new one.

     If an existing LLS patron fails to re-register, his/her registration account will automatically lapse by the deadline on December 31.

     The LCSD also encourages other members of the public who have not registered to apply as a new LLS patron.

     In response to recommendations made by the Office of the Ombudsman to implement measures to prevent hirers from circumventing the quota restriction imposed on bookings of recreation and sports facilities using multiple identity proofs (for example, different travel documents), the department has stopped accepting identity documents other than the Hong Kong identity card for LLS registration since August 20, 2012. Furthermore, with effect from February 1 this year, the department no longer accepts the use of travel documents such as passports by Hong Kong residents for counter booking. The Leisure Link patrons re-registration exercise further prevents individuals from registering for more than one account using different identity documents.

     For details of the re-registration exercise, please visit the above LLS website, or call the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre on 2314 7702.

Ends/Sunday, September 28, 2014
Issued at HKT 11:00