Road safety campaign to promote safe cycling

     Police conducted a territory-wide campaign between September 17 and 23 to raise public awareness of safe cycling.
     The campaign was the latest in an ongoing series of safe cycling campaigns using a combination of publicity, education and enforcement. Cyclists, especially those engaged in food delivery, were reminded of the importance of road safety and their legal responsibilities.
     Officers from Police Regional Road Safety Teams visited a total of 338 locations frequented by cyclists, including cycling tracks, railway stations and food stores which employed cyclists. The Police had distributed about 8 000 publicity and educational leaflets. Enforcement actions resulted in 126 verbal warnings and the issue of 785 summonses to cyclists who committed offences.
     A Police spokesman said that between January and August 2014, there were 1 646 traffic accidents involving bicycles, resulting in casualties of 1 571 cyclists, with six fatalities included.
     Cyclists are reminded to comply with Road Traffic Ordinance. Offenders committing cycling offences will be prosecuted.

Ends/Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Issued at HKT 18:03