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Government responds to class boycotts by tertiary students

     In response to media enquiries on class boycotts by tertiary students, a Government spokesman said today (September 22) that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government understands the students' concern about social issues. It has always attached importance to nurturing students who can think independently from multiple perspectives, hold respect for evidence and be open, fair and accommodating in regard to the views and values of others.

     The debate on constitutional development is complicated and controversial. In a diverse society like Hong Kong's, it is understandable that there are divergent views and disputes in regard to specific proposals. The HKSAR Government respects the aspiration and perseverance of students in upholding democracy and their expectations for and commitment to the future of Hong Kong.

     The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress made a decision on August 31 confirming the election of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage in 2017. The HKSAR Government will work with members of the Legislative Council to forge a consensus on implementing universal suffrage according to the law on schedule.

     The HKSAR Government firmly believes that a step forward in Hong Kong's constitutional development is better than a stalemate.

     The Government will launch the next round of public consultation shortly. It also appeals to various sectors, having expressed their views thoroughly, to engage in fresh dialogue and rational discussions, and seize the opportunity to allow some 5 million eligible voters to cast their ballots for the Chief Executive in 2017 through one person, one vote.

Ends/Monday, September 22, 2014
Issued at HKT 20:03


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