Seminar on "Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region - Maintaining Stable and Sustainable Growth" concludes (with photos)

The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation:

     The Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC) and the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (CNCPEC) jointly held a seminar titled "Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region íV Maintaining Stable and Sustainable Growth" today (June 30). More than 180 members of the academic, business and government sectors attended.

    The Chair of the CNCPEC, Ambassador Tang Guoqiang, said in his opening remarks that the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) had been committed to promoting economic co-operation along the Pacific rim since its establishment in 1980. It had remained active to provide intellectual input to the process of economic co-operation since the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1989.  

     "The event is of great relevance to APEC's agenda of regional economic co-operation and development," said Ambassador Tang, adding that stable and sustainable growth remained APEC's top priority.  

     In closing, the Chairman of the HKCPEC, Professor Stephen Cheung, said that the Asia-Pacific region had consistently been the locomotive of economic growth for the world, and the region could collectively contribute to and gain from the vibrant growth through economic co-operation.  

     "It is only through economic co-operation that our region can better equip ourselves and stand together to storm through to our future challenges," said Professor Cheung.

     The Seminar consisted of four sessions.  

     During the first session on "Hong Kong's Contribution to the Growth of Regional Trade", speakers discussed and shared their views on the importance of the free flow of trade and investment as exemplified in Hong Kong in contributing to regional trade and propelling global economic growth.

     In the second session on "Managing Supply Chain Disruptions", speakers shared their insights on minimising such disruptions and addressing "bottlenecks" through closer co-operation among economies and capacity-building activities in the region.

     The topic of the third session was the "Outlook for SMEs in a Changing Economic Climate". Speakers shared their experience and advice for SMEs to expand their presence and tap opportunities in the global market.

     During the last session on the "Role of Technology in Shaping Trade and Business in the Asia Pacific", speakers analysed the latest trend of innovation and technology development, and shared their views on how technology could facilitate growth in the region.

     Speakers and moderators of the four sessions were as follows:

Session 1: Hong Kong's Contribution to the Growth of Regional Trade


- Professor Michael Enright,
  Director, Enright, Scott & Associates Ltd;
  Sun Hung Kai Properties Professor,
  Faculty of Business and Economics,
  University of Hong Kong

- Mr Nicholas Kwan
  Director of Research,
  Hong Kong Trade Development Council;
  HKCPEC Member

- Mr Victor Chu
  Chairman and CEO, First Eastern Investment Group

- Dr Huang Weiping
  Jean Monnet Professor, School of Economics;
  Director, Center for the World Economy Studies,
  Renmin University of China


- Miss Elley Mao
  Principal Economist,
  Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit,
  Financial Secretary's Office,
  The Government of the Hong Kong
  Special Administrative Region  

Session 2: Managing Supply Chain Disruptions


- Mr Patrick Low
  Vice President of Research, Fung Global Institute

- Ms Anna Lin
  Chief Executive, GS1 Hong Kong;
  Sub-committee on Infrastructural Support,
  Hong Kong Logistics Development Council

- Professor Zhang Xiaojing
  Dean and Associate Researcher,
  Economic Research Institute for China and ASEAN,
  University of International Business and Economics  


- Mr Eduardo Pedrosa
  Secretary General, PECC  

Session 3: The Outlook for SMEs in a Changing Economic Climate


- Mr Vincent Lo
  Chairman, Shui On Group;
  Hong Kong, China's representative
  to APEC Business Advisory Council

- Mr Simon Galpin
  Director-General of Investment Promotion,
  Invest Hong Kong,
  The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

- Ms Karen Chan
  Executive Director,
  German Pool Group Company Limited;
  HKCPEC Member

- Dr Shen Minghui
  Department of Emerging Economies,
  National Institute of International Strategies,
  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS);
  Deputy Director,
  Center for APEC and East Asian Cooperation, CASS

- Mr John Dawson
  TV Presenter, Bloomberg Television

Session 4: Role of Technology in Shaping Trade and Business in the
Asia Pacific


- Mr Ganeshan Wignaraja
  Director of Research,
  Asian Development Bank Institute

- Mr Allen Ma
  Chief Executive Officer,
  Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

- Professor Yu Jiang
  Institute of Policy and Management,
  Chinese Academy of Sciences


- Mr Eduardo Pedrosa
  Secretary General, PECC

Ends/Monday, June 30, 2014
Issued at HKT 20:30